Flora Malunga

Flora Malunga: Her journey to Prosperity, fashion-wise

The road to 2017 Mzuzu Fashion Week

By: Patience N Lunda

“Curiosity killed the cat; but satisfaction brought it back” – unknown

The above adage appears to have been the genesis of the journey of what has now become one of Mzuzu City’s revered clothing lines, Fuchsia Designs, under the steership of an energetic young lady, Flora Malunga.

What started as a mere curiosity and creativity towards trying out new ideas has ended up in her venturing into serious fashion designing business.

As Flora recalls, what she thought was child’s play back then, eventually turned out to be what she is now celebrated for. She was such a lady that was so curious about how clothes were made.

“I remember each time I saw a beautiful dress I wanted to know how the dress was made and how it would feel making something like that I was so restless that I just made up my mind to know the art of fashion designing,” she recalled.

To her, venturing into fashion designing was a way to fulfill her long time desire and to prove that she could make something great out of her own creations.

“I bought a sewing machine in 2014 although the purpose was not to do business but to sew beautiful cloths for myself according to my sense of style. So, after sewing a few outfits, I got lots of compliments from family and friends. That’s when I started receiving orders from people,” she confessed.

What is even more enchanting is the fact that this Mzuzu-based fashion designing goddess has never traveled within any corridors to learn the trade.

“Everything that I do is self-taught and I have never gone to a fashion school before. You’ll also be pleased to know that I also make hand-made wigs, earrings, necklaces and bungles,” elucidated she.

And this is what makes the enthralling Flora’s Fuchsia Designs unique.

“I always want my designs to be unique so as to show my artistic side, pay attention to detail, know what my client likes and how they want to feel when wearing my designs,” explained she.

Flora Malunga


According to Flora, some of the major challenges she has encountered are people’s perceptions about locally made products.

“It’s so unfortunate that most people still have this perception that locally designed clothes are cheap. They literally are unaware that fashion designing require effort, resources and time.” She revealed.

Expectation about this year’s event

Being her first time to showcase her wares at Mzuzu Fashion week event, Flora is more than amazed.

It is going to be an amazing experience for me because it will be my first time and I believe this year’s fashion week will be the best.” She hopes.

She is hopeful and impressed that of late, the fashion industry now is getting much needed attention unlike the past years. She therefore feels if the stakeholders can do more fashion events like MZFW, there is going to be a boom in this industry.


Flora is an admirer of the works of Lulu Alexa Makawa of Miss Pearl Designs, and Coco Chanel.


Full Name: Flora Malunga

Date of birth: 27 March 1988

Academic Info: she holds a Diploma in Marketing Management from Share World Open University, and is currently studying a degree in Community and Development at Pentecostal Life University.

Location of Business

  • Katoto: Mzuzu City

Social Media links

  • Instagram: @Fuchsia designs /@livingherlife_
  • Facebook: Fuchsia designs

Below are some of Flora Malunga’s designs


Flora Malunga

Flora Malunga

Flora Malunga




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