By Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme fatale)

We’ve so many relationships so far, some are just blossoming, some are already having anniversaries, some are still in search of their partners, and some are living happily ever after. Whatever it is, if you’re like me, you should know how important it is to have a Mr Right.

Not only is it sweeter but it also saves us a lot of time and energy worrying over some male soul every day of your life.

You see, if you’re as uptown as I am, you should know better that not every hot chocolate is tasty.

Romantic relationships are no game where one can frequently be jumping from one ship to another day in day out.  Romantic relationships are but a gradual process that requires patience to study and understand your other half.

 So, before you open your doors for him, make sure you have your priorities set and have done your home work right.

Make sure he’s a friend, before love kicks in

A crucial point we Divaz tend to ignore in our early stages. A partner needs to be your friend, not just a hubby. My point is, your other half should be the very first person who should be able to detect any slight changes in you; physically, or emotionally. You don’t expect to date someone who is afraid of sharing their dreams with you; someone who has troubles revealing his deep thoughts with you for reasons known to themselves.

If you wanna date someone, make sure he’s your ride or die. He should be your best friend.

Choose your preferred physique

There’s no harm in making your choice of physical appearance of the prospective Mr Right. Seems crazy but it’s the truth. We’ve different preference, and if we miss on that, we’d end up regretting being in a relationship with that person. If you prefer dark men, then date someone who is dark. Ladies, not all men are your type. Not all men have the physiques you desire.

Don’t deceive yourself by saying as long as he loves me. Love comes from both sides, but then take a closer look at whomever is ready to provide you with that love. By the way, Mr Right is someone you are ready to tell the whole world about, and if personally you don’t like their physique, you will be embarrassed, and you know the repercussion for this. Malonda ndi m’maso ladies.   

He should have attributes of shaping you positively

The Mr Right every lady longs for is the one who will help her in bringing her dreams to reality. One of the priorities of being in a relationship is to motivate each other’s desires, If you’ve found a man who doesn’t have that in him, please let him leave ASAP.

Some dudes just come in for fun, and pleasure, but have no desire of helping their lady to grow in any way they can.

A Mr Right has to make sure he directs you whenever you are losing track, rather than despising you for your failures. He should be the one who must try harder to help you fulfil your basket list plans. Trust me,if you find someone bearing that, never let go, coz he must the one

But ey, I would advise y’all to be more careful on this one. Guys do pretend a lot so be very very careful! Be sure you have scrutinized him props, else its gonna be your worst nightmare.

You should be his priority

Every lady needs a man who values her and gives her the dignity and respect she deserves. One thing that breaks relationship is the lack of this aspect. When one takes the other for granted, the relationship easily turns south.

Make sure the hubby regards you as the most important thing in his life. Value is all what matters.


If fellow Divaz, it’s high time we learnt how to have that Prince Charming who wanna live with us happily ever-after.



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