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FINALLY, “Soldier” PENS Biography


By Dunford Jnr

Long at last! Soldier Lucius Banda, arguably the most decorated musician of our time is releasing his biography, “The man, the Music, and “The Politics” on the 28th of August this year.

The launch, to be staged at Bingu International Convention Center-BICC in Lilongwe will fall a couple of days after his 50th birthday. His birthday falls on the 17th of August. That is not all; the event will also see him launching his 20th studio album, “Love and Hate”.

According to ‘Soldier’, The man, the Music, and The Politics chronicles the inside out of his life as a musician, a politician, and also his private life from birth up to adulthood.

 “It’s my biography. It talks about my life. It covers all aspect of ‘Soldier’. If all goes well, it will be an event that will live in memories of many,” said Banda.

According to the Legend, The man, the Music, and “The Politics will bring readers closer to the inner world of Lucious.

“I’m optimistic the book will satisfy the expectations of the prospective readers,” he hopes.

On his part, the Biographer, Wonderful Mkhutche, a writer and political scientist says it is an honour penning the life of the living legend.

“It’s a great feeling, we all know that Lucius is not a mere musician. He embodies what Malawi Music has been for the past 30 years , so to write about him it is an opportunity that I shall cherish for ever,” praised Mkhutche.

Mkhutche adds: “the title itself is self-explanatory, but if you listen to Banda’s songs from 1993 to 2020 it has been alot of politics.As someone who has studied political science I have also used the skills to analyze his lyrics connecting them to different life scenarios.”

Meanwhile the management of the living legend is in talks with different publishers for a possible contractual agreement.



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