Fashion Designer, Kwacha turns into environmental watch


By Franco Mwachande Jnr

Local fashion designing company, Kwacha Creations owned by Pascal ‘Kwacha’ Kamanga, has embarked on a campaign of recycling waste products into fashion as one way of managing waste disposal.

The idea, according to Kwacha, came out as one way of empowering young people who are economically disadvantaged. In the initiative, the beneficiaries stand to be trained in proper waste management production by taking patches (zigamba or ziguduli) and turning them into products like clothes or mops in contrast to burning or throwing them away.

According to him, the campaign aims at reducing patches which are improperly disposed of, hence degrading the environment.

“I’ve realized how we as tailors, have been slowly contributing to land degradation and air pollution by disposing off the fabrics in rivers and some areas. So, it came to my attention that what we should be training people on how to make these fabrics into mats, mops and other products they can sale and improve their everyday welfare and of their households.”

Meanwhile Kwacha is calling upon all and sundry (in his field) to take leading roles in creation of a safer environment courtesy of proper use of the said materials.

“We, tailors, can make a difference in this fight against environmental degradation. We’ve our share to play as well!” Says he.

He said through the campaign, they are using various platforms which include music shows where his models showcase the products like dresses and trousers they made up through patches.

“We’re using various people from all walks of life to be showcasing our clothing lines, most especially on this new outfit,” he reveals.

In separate interview, Acoustic urban gospel artist Cozizwa real name Miracle Ndonani, commended the campaign saying as artists, they’re role models and can be used to influence mindset change on some social issues.

“Everyone loves art and more importantly issues to do with fashion, people mainly copy what artists wear. This puts us in a place where we’ve an upper hand in preaching the reduce, reuse and recycle initiative,” he enlightens.

Kwacha, who doubles as an actor, has traceable experience and background in fashion and designing, and has produced different costumes in songs like Saint’s Nelia and a yet-to-be released movie, Fatsani.



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