Introducing FAHIMA SAYED (A Model of passion, patience, and self-belief)


Welcome to the maiden edition of this column; M-Dubz Super Models. This is a modelling bible that will be profiling brief biographies of our (Malawian) models (both males, and females) from both within and outside the country.

The aim is to give our models the much needed platform where they will be able to narrate their background into this career, their prospects in the industry as well as pieces of advice to aspiring models.

That aside, this forum will also act as a medium where prospective clients will be able to reach these models easily.

In so doing, we feel, EM is going to indirectly assist the models to benefit from their profession. We hope the little contribution that this column is going to make, will uplift the status quo of some Malawian model somewhere. In the end, we are indeed going to stamp our authority as the true HOME OF ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.

More so, EM understands that there is a misconception amongst many Malawians that belittle and bedevil Modelling as a career.

Upon reading M-DUBZ-SUPER-MODELS, it is hoped that such misconceptions are going to be quashed off, and that we are going to appreciate the other side of Modelling; one of the highly underrated but lucrative industries not only in Malawi, but internationally as well.

And now, esteem readers, we have been honored to introduce this column by having the current Miss Tourism (2017), FAHIMA SAYED.


(A Model of passion, patience, and self-belief)


Brief Bio

Date of birth: 17 February 1997

Current Base: Chileka, Blantyre

Fahima is a second born in a family of four; with two sisters, and a brother. Before settling at her current base, the current Miss Tourism, and her family had resided in various places such as Mulanje, Mangochi, and Namiyango, just to mention a few.

Brief academic journey

Fahima is currently studying towards the attainment of a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Malawi Institute of Tourism.

Having undergone various primary schools, she sat for her Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education at Chichiri Primary School in Blantyre.

She then sat for her Junior Certificate of Education at Halima Girls Secondary School. Two years later (2014), she sat for her M.S.C.E (Malawi Schools’ Certificate of Education) at Halima Girls Secondary school. The following year, she re-sat for the same paper at Maranantha Boys Academy. It was the following year that she trekked to her current academic institution; Malawi Institute of Tourism.

The genesis of modelling

Her entry into modelling is rather interesting. She literally ventured into this industry courtesy of her physique. Funny, isn’t it??

Hold on!

Often times, she would meet admirers who would always inquire if Fahima was a model already. So frequent were such inquisitions that little by little she started developing interest in this lucrative industry.

And to cement her interest, her parents also used to address her as a model. It was such a motivation that fueled her interest into modelling. So, in 2016, Fahima made up her mind; modelling was the path to pursue.

Later the same year, there were auditions for Miss Malawi pageant (2016). She collected the (application) form as she was geared to parade in this auspicious event. However, her instincts told her not to rush into this industry. It was way too early. She needed to perfect her skills. She did not submit the application form; automatically, she did not partake in the Miss Malawi event.

A year later, her instincts were to prove her right. In January this year (2017), she was approached to parade for Miss Bikini, and Miss Tourism. And the gods indeed smiled on the youthful Fahima as she was crowned as Miss Tourism (2017).

That, ladies, and gentlemen, is the sweet path that Fahima went through. Her passion, patience, and her self-belief finally paid off.


Modelling, in her world

In her world, Modelling is a process of representing ideas or translating ideas by the use of images or the natural world. In this case, such representations or messages are transmitted by human beings in form of models like herself. According to her, such messages are broadcast (by models) in various forms such as billboards, adverts and other channels.

So, in short, models are media of messages.

Attributes of an authentic model

To any aspiring model, Fahima advises that self-confidence is the prerequisite to a successful model. She says being a model you meet a mass number of people, you parade and people watch you. And above all, you get interviewed. So, lacking self-confidence cannot make one successful.

That aside, the current Miss Tourism (2017) also observes that despite having the physique and an awesome catwalk, a model should also have a great personality too.

A day in the life of a model

To her, a model’s day is almost similar to every other person.

But, there are also some exceptions. A professional model watches TV programs of fashion and reads Fashion magazines so as to gain skills.

That aside, they watch the food they eat so as to maintain their body shape. Equally important is that they frequently photoshoot to improve their photogenic part.

The folly of modelling in Malawi

Fahima is so disappointed with the reception that modelling gets locally. According to her, modeling is not that rewarding in Malawi, save for the already established beauty pageants.

As she observes, the industry has the potential to score big but as it stands, it appears not many are aware of this, as a result, many upcoming models are benefiting less.

The agony of being a model in Malawi

To her, people’s negative perception of models, especially females, is a chief demotivating factor to upcoming models. Her statement below sums up her experience.

“If one is a model, what people think of them are negative acts as modeling is taken as an evil act.” She observes.

That aside, Fahima also observes that organizers of modelling events are also partly to blame for giving raw deals to models. According to her, most of the organizers dupe models hence the latter do not benefit from their rightful dues.

The goodies of modelling

To her, modelling is an adventurous enterprise. In her words, models, especially brand ambassadors are so influential, more especially to the marketing world.

“Modeling is important in such a way that in the course of one parading on the runway, advertising a brand for example, people get entertained. In that way, most people buy the products. On the other hand, people especially the youth also find something positive to do than indulging in some risky behaviours.”

Her maiden experience in modelling

Fahima has nothing but memorable experiences the first time she was on the runway; parading.

She cherishes her first experience in the industry as she had massive confidence. She enjoyed the experience so much even though she was a little bit nervous; as expected.

Casting away the misconception of modelling

Fahima is aware of the misconception many Malawians have towards female models. Most Malawians regard female models as very promiscuous.

However, she is not annoyed by such sentiments. Whenever she bumps into such views, she always offers free civic education lessons by highlighting that her being a model is a passion, and one of the easiest ways of inspiring young girls.

In such a way, she feels young girls can get inspired upon seeing well educated and responsible models like her, and the current Miss Malawi, Cecelia Khofi.

She feels, having a good personality can assist a model to handle such negative perceptions easily.

Her message to the youth 

“To all Malawian youths out there I would like to tell you that being a model is not being someone that has gone viral. But it is about it being your hobby and having the dream to inspire girls out there.”

Social media contacts

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Profile compiled by Gibson C Kamanga



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