By Justin MKWEU.

One of the country’s fastest blossoming gospel rappers, Mic Mash has promised firecrackers in his new music video, LOVE, which is scheduled to be premiered on Monday, the 7th of August via Times TV’s Fusion show.

According to Mash, all is now set for the video release and viewers should expect to see some missing links in most of the music videos flooding the land. He says the production is so awesome that viewers are likely going to keep glued to their TV screens up to the end of its beaming.

“There’s mature production in this song. I took my time assembling the production of this video. And I can assure you that the crafty production of Love music video is so out of this world. Once you watch this video, you’re going to long for another viewing,” challenges he.

Mic Mash

In addition, Mash believes having been inspired by real life events, the song is so emotional and viewers are likely going to relate to their personal issues as well, hence making the song, so memorable in their lives.

“I wrote the song after been disappointed by my special somebody. Not only that, but also after seeing my friends falling in love and breaking each other’s’ hearts. After knowing the difference between love and lust, I felt like writing a song. it’s such an emotional background, that I feel is going to induce the same on the viewers upon watching it,” he predicts.

Love is a hit single that Mic Mash, real name, Tadala Daniel Kasinjeni released on the 14th of February 2015.

Kauden of City Lights Entertainment was the hands behind the production of Love music video, and Ultra directed and edited it.

As the music video is set for its premier on Monday, Mic Mash promises more releases in the coming months.

During the video shooting | Ultra with the camera and Kauden with the reflector



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