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By Madalitso Phiri (Senior News Analyst)

In everything that I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work, we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said; “It is more blessed to give than to receive” {Acts 20:35}NIV

There was a heated debate between two of my work mates immediately after Fredokiss’ Ghetto King Kong free show in Mzuzu. The bone of contention was a social media post where the Ghetto King Kong had claimed that over 23 thousand ghetto souls patronised his show in Mzuzu. How he came up with such a figure is a meal for another day.

The argument rose on the other statement on the said post whereby Fredo attributed such a mammoth crowd to his heavenly father. To the artist, nothing other than the invisible hand of the Almighty was at play for the venue to be filled up to that level. Now, that’s where all hell broke loose.

According to the lady friend, such a statement was off-the mark considering the fact that it was a secular show hence such insinuations were a blasphemy to the Creator.

Now, now, now!!! This is where the other colleague got infuriated.

How do we define a Godly event?

Let’s take a look!

For once, let’s adopt Fredo’s claim that 23 thousand plus souls attended the historical event.

Now, assuming it was a show where each of those 23 thousand plus souls were to cough some kobos to dance to Freddo’s tunes. How many could have afforded?

Granted, being UMP’s Artist of the Year automatically means that you can’t pay less than K5000 just to have a chance of attending this show. Of course, five thousand Kwacha is way way too minute for an artist of Fredo’s calibre. But for the sake of simplification, let that just stand.

That aside, how many people got food on their plates (on that day) courtesy of spending their energies assisting the Ghetto King Kong in ensuring the show was a success? Take the Law Enforcers who were hired on that day for example? How many were they? And how many dependents do each of them have? Now, what about the security personnel from Ichocho security company? What about other private macho men who were hired to man the stadium on that day? How much did each of them gain by the end of the day?

And then there were fuels to drive the vehicles, not to mention the aeroplane. What about food and accommodation? Overall, how much has this show alone injected in the country’s economy?

Need I mention the technicians, the DJ on the Deck, the events management team…the list is endless. All these smiled to the bank courtesy of Fredo’s kind gesture.

It’s also pretty obvious that to most of the ghetto souls who patronised the event, it’s their first time to have had a face to face interaction with a revered urban artist of Fredo’s level.

All what it took was their presence; no penny at all. To the Ghetto souls, this is gonna live into their memories forever. They’re gonna live to tell their children and their great grandchildren about the kind gesture that this youthful urban artist did to them.

Equally important was the overall message Fredo was preaching to the ghetto masses; self-belief.   He kept on reminding the souls not to look down upon themselves but work extra harder, rather, smarter as it was nothing but them who could bail theirselves out of their impoverished state.

Above all, he kept on reminding the souls to “put God first!” in all their dealings.

Now, ladies and gents! If God was not here, then where was he?

To me, this show was way ahead of most of the gospel shows that have ever been staged in the city. I mean, when was the last time these so called gospel artists ever reached out to their followers in this manner?

Fredo did it, and he did it in style!

Instead of reaching out to only the financially capable souls, he ensured every Peter and Agnes from all corners of Ching’ambo, Mchengautuba, Chibavi, Zolozolo, and even uptown locations like Chimaliro, and Kaning’ina amalgamated under one roof.

Having been raised in a Christian family, to some of us, Fredo’s antics clearly followed the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ himself; teaching by deeds, and not just words.

To me, the Ghetto King Kong is one of the most memorable ‘gospel’ shows I’ve ever attended. Hate it or love it, but it was God who was speaking on this day, the 9th of December 2017 through his humble messenger, Evangelist Fredokiss!

For your own information, this was the very first time Fredo has ever performed in Mzuzu, and it was also the last of this Ghetto King Kong trilogy free shows.

Just take a look at what was the Ghetto King Kong free show; the Mzuzu Version! From the photos below, courtesy of enchanted lens of Fusion Multmedia, HD plus and Cine City

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | The arrival

Ghetto King Kong concert; Ace dirty and Fredokiss

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Awareness campaign

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | See the love, Portrait from the fans

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | The King heading to the stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | On his way to the stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Heading to the stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | about to be on the Stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | On stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | On stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Doing what he came for

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Hyphen on the stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Hyphen

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Ak and Fredokiss on the stage

Ghetto King Kong concert; Mzuzu | Mission accomplished






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