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By Chifundo Zingunde

The art of writing and letting the heart out from self-imaginations to inject papers with ink is not everyone’s step to take. No wonder it is called an art; the source of talent.

At the age of 15, affronted, discouraged, Esther Ntombi Ndhlozi, a word artiste born and raised in the northern Capital, Mzuzu has defied all the odds to pledge her supremacy in the spoken word arena.

According to Esther, a final year student at Mzuzu International Academy, the inspiration of writing came from her late sister’s media enthusiasm.

At the age of 12, becoming a poet was not a quick discovery but a remedy to ease the pain of her sister’s death, who left her a note to continue the legacy.

“She (late Christina) was a great story writer. Two months after her departure, I found out that she left me with pieces of written poetry. In those written scriptures, she described her death and wished someone would continue her legacy.”

She continues to narrate: “From that day, I decided to explore my talent; it was that day I knew I was able to write poetry using my imagination. My parents suggested I should take my talent far and let people know who I am personally and who I represent here on Earth and that’s my late sister.”

 Nicknamed Essyvert for her golden traits, “Essy” from her name “Esther” and “Vert” from velvet, the young poet is on verge of living her dreams by collaborating with Malawi’s Celebrated Spoken Word poet, Qabaniso (Q) Malawezi, her local role model in her yet-to-be-released-maiden EP.

“Q is gifted in so many ways and his love for people just adds a cheery on top; defining how great he is. My upcoming compilation will feature different artists here in Malawi. I’ll not mention their names because it will be a surprise. Keep calm your girl is bringing something big!” said Esther.

Despite her enthusiasm to amp her talent, the young poet, who wants be a journalist in the near future, bemoans lack of government’s efforts in uplifting the poetry industry in the country.

“The government is not doing enough. There’s lack of serious initiatives to develop the unique treasures the rural and the urban youths have. So as a country we are still dragging and stubborn to changing our mindset.”


Even before 18, Esther Ntombi Ndhlozi, dreams to soar higher and defeat some of the social ills in the country.

“My goal is to grow big and be part of my society. I want to be heard and my words should satisfy everyone. In a way, I’m going to be proving the fact that girls can be what they want to be whenever they want to. Creating an international organization has always been my dream.” Said Esther.

Meanwhile the young talented Esther is on tour recording some of her poems to be compiled in her debut EP.



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