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By Philes Davis

Determination. Focused. Goal oriented. These clearly define the glorious journey of Ester Banda, an energetic entrepreneur who sells wedding regalia to would-be brides, and grooms down town Blantyre and surrounding areas.

Ester’s entrepreneurial journey dates back to 2014. Typical of most entrepreneurs, hers is also another version of from-a-scratch-to-prosperity. With only two wedding dresses, her business rolled into action. The two dresses bred four dresses. Little by little, her business line started gaining shape, and currently, her shop is one of the most sort after shops in Nyambadwe, Blantyre.

Ester Banda


Esther’s inquisition about what was going on around her was the reason she ventured into this enterprise.

According to her, she had observed that there was a gap service provision of wedding-related regalia.

“I noted that there was a need for wedding dresses. Actually, most people were just hiring dresses but not selling so I thought I could make the difference in this industry,” she revealed.

Her shop, does not only sale wedding dresses only; there is more. She has men’s designer slim fit suits, jewelry, and wedding accessories among others.


Business aside, Ester is also a family woman as well. Now, at times, balancing up her life in her various roles becomes hectic.

“It’s not that easy being a mother, and a business lady like myself. I’ve to make sure that I handle all my roles perfectly,” she revealed.

That is not all. At times, business weathers do become unfavourable.

“One needs patience in this industry. Not all days could be rosy so one needs to persevere for them to reap the sweet fruits of a business like mine. You can’t be guaranteed of success day in day out,” she advises.

Ester Banda


Ester gets her motivation from celebrated former American TV host, Oprah Winfrey. The former says following through the life of Oprah has always been motivating.

“Oprah is a symbol of motivation to many of us. As people know how Oprah was abused in her childhood, but she overcame all that. She really motivates me a lot, that with determination, anything is possible.” She highlighted.

Word of encouragement

Ester encourages her fellow ambitious ladies to have self-confidence in whatever endeavor they can venture into.

“A modern day lady has to be hardworking. That can only work if one has self-confidence. Believe in your capabilities and anything is possible, “ She advises.

Ester Banda (left)



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