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With less than 23 years on the earth, Vincent Mudolo is just one of those teenagers you could easily pass-by in the streets of Mzuzu City. In fact, you cannot even think of a second look on to his direction. He is just ‘invisible’.

However, watching him on stage, performing, under his stage name, Homage, or finding him commanding the beats in the studio, you would swear it is not that shy looking teenager you had just passed by.

Rapper cum producer, Homage is one of the next big things up north, musically. He’s one of those rare and gifted youths who are likely going to wreck havoc in the musical circles in the near future.

Youthful as he may appear, but Homage is no ordinary Malawian youth. Many pundits in the north are already claiming that it’s just a matter of time before he conquers the region, musically.



Homage, who doubles as rapper and studio producer at Cash Power Music; a label he founded, traces his musical excursion in 2010 courtesy of his family influence.

“My Big brother had a studio “MEM Studio” in Katoto (Mzuzu), so I liked what he was doing, my dad also loved playing piano and was a staunch music fan, so that contributed a lot to my music career because I was being influenced by internal factors from my family, “said he, adding that then he started making his own instrumentals and composing lyrics on the beats, later in 2011.

It was Chuck Davis of “Audio Garage” who helped Homage, exposing him to different sectors of the music industry. In 2012 that’s when he introduced a group called “Cash Power Music Group” made up of Homage, and his clique: Monty, Pop Joe, Lil law, Brizzy Mafia and Flippa.

“I produce all the songs of my crew. And I’m also the founder of a designing group, “Keep it Africa” which is comprised of my school mates (Gordon Mlotha, Phoenix, Light Phiri, Sam Moyo, Jimmy Kajiwa).”

The young musician cum entrepreneur is currently studying a degree programme in Social Science in Development Studies at the University of Livingstonia.

Being a jack of many trades, Homage and his colleagues also owns a campus TV station, but is yet to be registered. He says the station is an ideal forum to push his musical career.

Currently, the youthful rapper has one musical album to his name. The album, High Times, was released on the 18th of October 2016 and was launched at Jacaranda Lifestyle Lounge (Mimosa hotel) in the Mzuzu city.

The marriage between music and Fashion designing

Music in general; is the key to connecting people in our society and everywhere in the world.

After the release of his single titled “Run north”, Homage envisioned another way of promoting the record:

“Something dawned on my mind that mixing music (rap) and fashion would even make the track (yet to be released video) more unique.

As you know, music and fashion go hand-in-hand. So as an artist, to make my music more widen, it was necessary for me to engage myself in fashion to trend set the musical concept all together,” says he.

Run North is the track that Homage featured L Jay. And the video is said to be out in a due course, and will be shot and produced by Jacko from Mest media.

Run North as a fashion Brand

In order To come up with the Run North concept, Homage says he looked at his achievement in the green city, so as one way of motivating himself he had to celebrate.

‘I told Emigo to design a Run North logo, and he did his best to come up with a good logo which I’m currently using On my T-shirts and hoodies,” he said, before adding, “I also have to recognize Elton the Tailor, for coming up with the idea of adding Africa prints on the clothes. I am currently working with him, Drizzle, and Komso, the CEO of Tarnex entertainment.

The northern grown and entrepreneurial artist has recorded four Songs this year, two with Hectic Kings Africa, titled “Zero Khawa” to be released on 15th June and the other one titled “She wild” to be out on the 1st of July, the other two are the promising collaboration with Chronic from Lilongwe, and the other collabo is a Mest media project, that he will work with dancehall sensation, Wakisa James.


Homage says he is facing a lot of challenges in both music and fashion career, from lacking resources to widen his fashion business.

“Lack of cooperation on prices with the customers is a problem as most of the buyers fail to accept the prices.”

Furthermore, Homage bemoans lack of team work in the industry as a cancer that kills creativity with many “established artists underrate me as an upcoming artist that’s why I haven’t collaborated with any.”

Message to the youths

To the youngsters who are idle doing nothing in life; the young King who runs north and is hugely inspired by his family says time lost is never gained:

“Everyone has a talent; all you need to do is to discover it and work on developing it. Pray to God that He helps you discover what he made you to be and what you are good at.

Don’t let the small minded people tell you that you can do nothing in life. Find people who will bring the best in you.” He advises.

Eyes to the future

Homage is determined that the future looks bright and his product will not cause any controversy because it is a brand that is originated by him, and is unique; it’s not counterfeit.

“Early Next year, we want to start organizing talent shows where all youths from north can come together. We’ll be having rap battle competitions, photographers competition and modellings.

As youths, let’s not focus much on things that won’t take us anywhere, rather let’s focus and maintain our talents. Am sure in two years time north will be on the map.”

For bookings and business interest for Run North T-Shirts, hoods, huts, and trousers

Contact Homage: +265 998393319

Below are products of run north designs

Run North design

Run North design

Run North design

Run North design





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