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By Lonjezo Idrissa

For musicians strongly plays a very critical role in our society, the ‘Nkhondo’ hitmaker, Emm Q has played a very important role of being advisor, educator and advocate of God’s love in his latest song Moyo which is produced by one of the finest producers named Henwood.

The artist was silent for the past few months this year but this time Emm Q is back again with another new single ‘Moyo’ following his Nkhondo song which attracted the attention of many audiences. In Moyo song which simple means life in Vernacular language Chichewa, Emm Q took his time to appreciate the good things that God does in his life. The song has been sung in Chichewa mainly to symbolically mean that the message is going to Malawian audience bearing in mind that Malawi is a God-fearing nation.

The artists begin the song by saying

“Dzina lanu ndilitchulachulachula daily,

machimo anga ndiwatula

daily pakuti yehova ndinu moyo”

mainly to mean that he will continue to praise God every day of his life for he (God) forgives all his sins that he commits and that God is life. 

The use of the lines

“Iwe ngati mwini wakeyo samatopa nane,

ineyo ndi ndani? iwe ngati mwini wake moyo

satopa nane ineyo ndi ndani?”

By the artist is mainly to tell his audience that does not get tired of praising God since God himself does not get tired of looking after him. This also gives a picture in the eyes of those who get tired of waiting for God’s blessings that they should not get tired of his intervention in their lives. 

The Moyo singer uses the lines

“Andilimbitsa ndikafooka,

amandigwila ndikaginja,

amandiuza stay strong”


Mainly to depict in the eyes of the believers that God is always with them either in both good and bad times of life.

The artist continues to share about his relationship with God in the song by saying ..

“Tsiku ndi tsiku ine ndilambila,

ndigwadila inuyo only Christ, no other”


To inform the audience to continues praising God every day of their lives.



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