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By Yona Gondwe

Enthusiastic Entertainment Malawi writer and entertainment analyst, Lonjezo Idrissa is to launch a motivational book, “I speak my Mind” shortly.

According to the fourth year Bachelor of Arts Communications and Cultural Studies at Chancellor College, “I Speak my Mind” is based on true life experiences he has encountered overtime.

 “Most of the ideas which made me come up with some writings in this book are just experiences that I would like people to know about life,” he revealed.

First of its kind in the life of this blossoming writer, “I Speak M Mind”, according to 23 year old Lonjezo, is a book that has no age boundaries as it is rich in powerful information that borders across various generation.

“There’s no specific generation that I’m targeting. The book has information that tackles various issues that are multi-directional,” he says.

The Book context    

“I speak my Mind” is no ordinary book. The first section will see the reader going through 80 poems, and 40 articles that address various current issues, from romance to literary all social issues.

On the other hand, Section two of “I Speak My Mind” will take the reader into a litany of short articles about motivation and inspiration.

Lonjezo reveals that the purpose of including such a section was to assist ever-stressed Malawians (readers) who have no practical solutions to their psychological problems.

“Many people around us are surrounded by stressful events. So reading such a section may be one of the most practical medications.” He says.

More than just a book

The gesture shown by youthful Lonjezo by authoring, “I SPEAK MY MIND” goes beyond a mere reading.

Firstly, it has shown that not all is lost in Malawian youths as some are still fruitful to the country’s developmental drives. As Gibson Kamanga, editor for EM acknowledges, such youths need to be fully supported for they have shown their self-initiative drives.

“Lonjezo is a rare breed. When was the last time we heard of such a Malawian youth achieving such a feat? He is amazing! These are the kind of youths that need to be fully supported for them to fully realize their dreams,” he cherished.

True to Gibson’s sentiments, Lonjezo is yet to publish his book as he is still sourcing finances for the event.

Secondly, upon successful launch, the books sells are automatically going to uplift Lonjeza, economically, hence fighting the “I’m not being employed” syndrome that many a Malawian youth suffers.

Challenge faced

It has been more than a mountain for him to finally finish authoring “I Speak my Mind.” Some of his friends and foes alike doubted his capabilities. Many thought such an idea was a non-starter.

 “They used to be telling me that writing was no longer a culture in Malawi, claiming I was going to be wasting my time as I was not going to even accomplish my task. Here I am; I’ve proved them wrong! I didn’t give up.” Said Lonjezo.


Upon its successful launch, “I speak my mind” is going to be costing a meagre K4000.



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