Elizabeth Shawa

ELIZABETH SHAWA; A model in the making


Eliza becomes our first up and coming model to be unearthed via this column. Eliza dreams big; she wants the Crown of Miss Malawi to land on her head one day.

As she is still mastering the art of modelling, Ellie has observed that the field is growing at a snail’s pace courtesy of stakeholders who are unwilling to pump aid to this industry. She however, is optimistic that whatever the pace modelling is sailing, one day, it shall be somewhere where all and sundry are going to appreciate its pivotal role in the country’s various spheres of life.

EM’s Dudcorf Junior takes us into the life of this blossoming model, Elizabeth Ellie Shawa.


Name: Elizabeth Shawa

Nick Name: Ellie Best

Date of Birth: 12 July 1996

Home town: Mzuzu

Role Model: Mercy Johnson

Best friend in Modelling: Sarah Kumwenda

Dream in model: To compete at the world level and help other girls attain their dreams

Goal: To be Miss Malawi one day

Favorite Dish: Chips and Chicken

Pastime activities: Movies and Music

Best moments in Modeling:   When I was voted as the first princess during Miss Valentine Mzuzu

Elizabeth Shawa

Origin of her passion in modelling

For those who have known Elizabeth can testify that passion for the game started way back in her childhood. She had that girlish attitude of trying to look more outstanding than the rest.

“When I was at my primary school, I had always wanted to look better than others; to be the best among my girlfriends. Then, I developed love for fashion.   As you know, modeling and fashion are bed fellows.” She recalls.

Elizabeth Shawa

Truth be told, a cross section of Malawians is still harboring a misconception that female models are morally bankrupt souls. So how does Ellie handle such sentiments?

“Whenever that claim comes, I always tell myself, “girl you’re in Malawi, accept that and move on to shine” those are false rumors and as a believer of positive change , I am working hard to prove it to my nation that modeling is clean,” she reveals.

Ellie is of the view that modelling is not yet there in Malawi. from her observation, it is one of the highly underrated fields around.

She feels the cooperate world and all related stakeholders appear to be reluctant to change the status quo. Ellie is however, hopeful that one day, modelling is going to be there.




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