ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis (The Famous).

The Famous Fat Sexy Diva is back in town! As usual, she’s here to assist ailing relationships to either end or recover courtesy of sound dosages which, she has garnered over time either with being in relationships or observing the same. Hate it or love it, but the fact is, The Fat Sexy Diva is one of the most sought after brands locally, and internationally. Truth hurts, ain’t it?

Well, this week the Famous Fat One wanna talk about players; not soccer players nor what have you, nay! I’m talking of womanizers. I’ll offer some insights on how you can easily spot them so you don’t fall prey to their silly antics. Having dined and wined with them, I’m more knowledgeable on how I can easily identify them. Here’s how.

  1. A master story teller

Womanizers will never, for once, run out of lies. They’ll always know what to tell you. They have a very sweet tongue; so sweet is it that you can hardly resist their temptations. They’re very very confident and skillful liars. Be careful how you’re told these stories for you might just been taken for a ride.

  1. My handset my heaven

If he does not give you access to his phone my sister that man’s hiding a lot of heart breaking messages in his phone. Players won’t trade their cheating technics for you. Their handset is their secret weapon for their cheatings. So, if he can’t let you have access to his mobile phone, then run for cover; he ain’t worthy your dime!

  1. Deleting chats is the Older of the day for players

How would he play you safe if he does not delete messages? Players’ jobs are to delete all the proofs so you don’t get hold of anything. He would be pretend being holies yet he’s a master snitcher capable of bonking both you and your sister.

  1. Flocks with bad guys

Show me your buddies and I’ll tell you who you are. The caliber of friends your man has determines who he is. Often times, womanizers flock with fellow players. Just listen to the kind of stories they like sharing. It’s easy to spot a cheater.

  1. Ladies are his everyday friends

Players most definitely are funny creatures. Check their phone book; majority would be ladies. You see, womanizers have a lot of ladies flocking around them. they have this charm that easily lure chics unto them. often times the victims are these worthless slay queens. So be careful on whom you who you call Boo, bae, sweet loving etc, he may be a cheetah!



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