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By: Patience Ngulube Lunda.

The adage, “A prophet is not honoured by his homefolks” appears to be ringing a bell in the mind of 29-year-old, Toussaint Farini; the brains behind Triple L clothing line.

The clothing line, which stands for Live, Listen, and Lead officially entered the market in May 2017 but is already gaining grounds mostly in western countries like the USA, Canada, and Germany, and some African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia, among others. Very funny that the clothing line is hardly known in Malawi save for a selected few who have either had a chance of stepping their feet onto Dzaleka soils or have some attachment with the camp.

Just like most ‘dreamers’, how Triple L came into existence is no different; following one’s desire.

As Farini recalls, the more he donned other people’s brands, the more he felt in bondage of slavery. He needed freedom. And free at last, he became.

“I was putting on my Jordan Air branded T-shirt when the idea that I needed to stop wearing other people’s brands popped up in my mind. I was a young boy then but I had a strong urge to start my own brand and that’s when the idea of Triple L came into existence,” he recalled.

Toussaint Farini

To Farini, the brand is not just a mere brand since its purpose is not only to make people look good but also must live lasting impact.

“Triple L stands for Live, Listen and Lead hence these three words look like principles of leadership. When you are born, you take time to start becoming what you want to be; then you need to be listening to other people so that you can be a good leader who leads people everywhere you are,” elucidated Farini.

Although Toussaint Farini is confined to Dzaleka Camp, his brand has managed to reach various continents across the world.

“Triple L has already been bought by people from the United States of America, Germany, Philippines, Canada and in many African countries like Ethiopia, DRC and Malawi,” he boasted.

But how does Farini manage to reach his customers?

“I use communication skills to get in touch with people including displaced persons settling in other countries and sometimes I send people going to oversees to deliver my goods yet some buy here and go with it everywhere in the world,” explained Farini.

That aside, Toussaint Farini is operating his brand in a very unique and mind blowing way. He has a friend who helps him buy clothing material and prints them right here; Malawi.

“I send a friend to buy me the required materials in South Africa and the rest of the process is done here in Lilongwe,” he giggled.

Typical of prospective successful entrepreneurs, Farini is confident Triple L clothes are going to be on everybody’s wardrobes. However, financial incapacitation is his main hurdle.

“I want my brand to compete with Gucci, Versace, Dolce and Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger and many others but I am still struggling because I don’t have enough money to invest in my business. The monies I currently generate per month are not enough to sustain me,” complained he.

However, some other notable persons in the likes of US Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, Jesuit Refugee Services officials, Salama Africa officials and many others have supported Farini financially and materially to make Triple L dream a reality.

“Words alone can’t explain how much these people (mentioned above and others not mentioned) have contributed to making Triple L visible,” he attributed.

As it stands, the young entrepreneur is in dire need of promotion of his brand and he needs extra help from well wishes for it to grow.

“I need support from well-wishers to invest in my brand and I coax everyone to be wearing Triple L clothes because they are of high quality and locally made,” he coaxes.

To young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Farini has a take home message.

“There’s nothing in this world as impossibility because this has only one key which is possibility. Never stop dreaming until you get it,” he advises.

Triple L is a complete clothing line as it consists of caps, hoodies, jackets, suits, T shirts and jumpers.

Fast facts of Toussaint Farini

  • Date of birth: 8 September 1988
  • Country of Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Academic credentials: Bachelor’s degree in Health Management (Institut Superieure d’Informatiquede Gestion: DRC)
  • Diploma in Social Work (Regis University)
  • Vice Director: Salama Africa
  • Volunteer (Water Monitor): JRS

Contact details:


Facebook: Toussaint Farini Indwe

Phone number: +265997476065

“Imprisoning my body behind the fences while my mind remains free. That is not a prison, but a meditation room” – Toussaint Farini

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