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After a successful debut showdown last year, Dzaleka Cultural Fashion Festival event is this year set to rock again at the magnificent B.I.C.C in the capital, Lilongwe.

With an aim of promoting culture and the fashion industry in Malawi, the event brings together the way of life, artistic works, modelling and many other cultural feats from different African traditions.

Spearheaded by Dzaleka Youth Congress, a local organization that operates within the Dzaleka Camp (for the displaced immigrants) in Dowa, the event also advocates against malpractices that negatively affect youths countrywide.

Confirming the development, Director and co-founder of Dzaleka Youth Congress, Allen Bitijula, said the event, set for 22nd of November, will exhibit cultural and fashion trends from different communities.  

“It’s about exhibiting the cultures, that for many years, have been ignored due to globalization. This is resulting in cultural erosion for many African cultures. So this event aims at bringing together people from different backgrounds to share and celebrate culture in diversity, culture as way of living and as one’s national pride,” lectured Bitijula.

Bitijula further says minus the natural identity aspect, it is worrisome noting that most youths nowadays are losing their cultural identities resulting in cultural erosions and posing them on dangers of engaging in life-threatening malpractices.

“Youths have talents but some youths forget their own cultures hence losing their ‘colour’. Besides, there are many cultures that are hidden and many young people don’t know them resulting in cultural erosion. In the end, they easily end up indulging in risky behaviors,” worried he.

In this year’s cultural festival, Allen is optimistic it is going to have a wider reception surpassing the 2018 gala. In the end, according to him, achieving the organizers’ goal of imparting some cultural identity spirit to all members of the audience.

Adds he, “We expect high participation of different people from all the cultures in Malawi and in the world. In addition, we want people to know their roots, and impart the same on others.”

As the day draws closer, the organizers are training models, singers, and dancers in readiness for the showdown.

Dzaleka Youth Congress promotes peaceful existence between the residents of the camp and outside world.

In the last edition, award-winning fashion designer, Roy-View Banda, of the Royview Designs, and urban music singer, Bucci were part of the headliners.



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