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You are no artist; you are what I will call a concept made to propagate their views ….you may not have voted if you know what they knew when they made that category where that trophy was going”- Royce Da 59(dumb) from his album Book of Ryan

Composure! Composure! That song was on repeat on my playlist. Y’all think I was too bored to wait for some stunt somebody put out for us to figure out what the heck he was thinking. Somehow that Cassper and AkA beef was no prank, you know? Come to think of the song AKA put out, it solidifies the whole battle; not that I’m for AKA. Nuh! But is it not true some artists are very immersed in their wealth that to call them “dumb: is fair?

Let’s begin to look at this issue, you cheat people you going to rock some big record soon, tell them y’know I have invested this amount of millions just for that, and you expect people to just like that joke? Please this is no playing in the park, you forgot this’s business right? Yes! When you are stuck into the writer’s block lyrically, one needs to take a break, enjoy their money and engage some ghost writers maybe, rather than lying to people you going to release a song. a hit song.

So I checked into the dictionary when I was trying to figure out why you did it…So run to the word “stuntologythe study of unorthodox and resourceful techniques employed by people to avoid boredom in all situations. It is the body of knowledge that includes the perfection of meaningless techniques (e.g. pranks) against friends and social institutions.” Check the underlined words. I think you have run out of ideas and you overwhelmed by competition. 

Nevertheless, maybe you just need to switch the category again otherwise if you gat too much money, there are other ways of spending that bountiful stucks of Kamuzu and Chilembwe. Why waste such monies instead of maybe creating your own independent record company, sign struggling up and coming artists unlike the-you-know- who record you stuck in? It’s better you have space to be creative than be in that space you are in; you were such a creative lyricist, Bro.

I mean no wonder Chavula amakudyani; it is irritating really when you play with your fans. There is always room to switch careers. Be a promoter or something. Such pranks make people think you really just representing someone’s views and you get paid to promote that someone’s agendas, and just like the musical awards voting controversies that rocks urban music in Malawi, the people that rush to judge you artists for buying the awards, cannot be ruled out if this is how you going to act.

Nonetheless, who said Jay-Z does not have ghost writers? In this music business that’s how it works, pay the right people to work for your management team, and don’t just entice your friends around. Every big artist hits the wall, but when a big artist like you does something like that, where are the Waxy-K’s going to look up to? Gone are the days when artists, and rappers used to fake beefs, set pranks for sales. This era of social networks has made everything crystal clear that if you try to play hide and seek, it will all come to light like Nicki making out with Meek Mill.

So it is what it is; sit back and engage more professional fellas in the game to help you move forward, or take a break in music for some years. Look over your family, start some business that will benefit the industry and come out a brand new you. Otherwise it’s easy to erase your good record in this fragile industry called music. You still have a good fan base; utilize it carefully for the benefit of the both sides. Hallelujah!



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