Don’t rot at home; hustle!” Sangie advises


By Lonjezo Idrissa.

For we say “the youths are the leaders and the cream of this nation,” it is very sad that most of the graduates from our country are unemployed yet they have skills and knowledge that they can use to indulge themselves into small businesses that could help to improve their lives.

For music is one of the strongest form of communication, Mdubz’s local musicians are also spending their time to advocate on how the youths can proactively use their skills and talents to improve their lives.

The “Ndangozizidwa” hit maker, Sangie, in her song “Titaketake” is encouraging graduates and youths around Malawi who are unemployed to use their inborn and trained skills to start small scale businesses and other entrepreneurships skills rather than just staying idle at home.

The artist used the Chichewa proverb “Sikadza kokha, kaopa kulaula, mphwayi ndi tsoka,ulesi ndi minyama” to say that there is a need of hardworking spirit for one to succeed in life.

For they say “seeing is believing” the artist used some scenes in the music video as she utters,

Ntchito anaifunanso everywhere,

koma osaipezanso, anywhere.

Then he thought about it,

life is not a struggle, sindingangokhala,

nde nditaketake, ndithamangethamange,

ndiyambe kageni, mwina nkudya pa den,

As an example of what the youths in Malawi have to do.

The artist used the words, “yes we can. kukaika ayi. kuima patokha, yes we can, If we only we give it a try” means that we can stand on our own and indulge in small businesses if we can give it a try.

The song was produced by Dj Sley. Both, audio and video were released in February this year.

Click the link below to download the song (audio)

Here [Sangie]

And here is the video (Directed by Vj ice)



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