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Sexual reproductive healthy issues. How much do our youths know about these issues? To what extent are those in the light about these issues willing to share what they know to the lesser knowledgeable?

So, what’s SRHR all about?

According to my understanding Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) encircle the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their sexual activity and reproduction free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.

Specifically, access to SRHR ensures individuals are able to choose whether, when, and with whom to engage in sexual activity; to choose whether and when to have children; and to access the information and means to do so.

Dwelling deep on the importance of SRHR, it is helping almost every matured person who has the access to the SRHR services. Due to different understandings and researches SRHR services and information are not said to only being given to matured people but every Mary and John regardless the level of education.

“ I have been getting different information on SRHR from different people, including media and other organizations like Banja la Mtsogolo and school as well has played a big role. The only thing which is needed is to encourage many youth to take part in everything to do with SRHR” Love Msoso one of the active youths from Mzuzu said.

Illuminated something along the way of my research I found that most problems on SRHR mostly talking of early pregnancies among secondary and part of primary education students. It has been found that these services are mostly given by college students thus talking of giving things like condoms, emergency pills and other required items for SRHR.

I talked to a number of secondary school students who said that they just know a little on Sexual reproductive health mostly because when it comes to topics of these nature, teachers seem not to be open to students and in so doing most our friends are dropping out of school due to the flowed problems. And I found a chance to talk to a college student.

“Sexual reproductive health and rights says everyone should be responsible for his or her sexual life and to us college students, it’s easy for us to get SRHR services because people are more open to update us with information as well as with the required information” Oliver Mtsiro said.

Sexual and reproductive ill health accounts for more than a third of the global burden of diseases for women of childbearing age, and one-fifth of the burden for the whole population.



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