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By Langson Kalua Junior

It is not all about Music for Malawi’s urban talents, dancehall icon Provoice and a renowned colourful club Disc Jockey (DJ) Wayne as they have issued courage for the country’s diabetes patients with their newly launched initiative, Hand to Hand Initiative (HHI).

HHI aims at giving awareness about the silent killer disease (condition) and motivate patients that positive and healthy life is possible by supporting public diabetic clinics with medical supplies in order to ease the challenges among vulnerable families affected by the disease. 

Wayne and Provoice both victims of diabetes, the former is diabetic and the latter lost his father back in 2009 due to the same, all have united to fight against the disease. .

The fruits of DJ Wayne’s brainchild initiative blossomed on 14th of May this year  when the two entertainers, joined by the award winning reggae dancehall artist  Sangie, donated  assorted medicines, equipment  and food items at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe worth MK240,000.  

In a separate Interview with EM DJ Wayne said the duo uses music as a tool to raise funds that creates the giving golden hand to reign supreme and able to donate relevant items to ease the pain from those suffering from diabetes.

“Our Initiative is to help those people who are suffering from Diabetes  as it is our motive to reduce the number of people with diabetes, and help them by  giving out  some materials like food, medicine and many others ,it is only with our talent that makes all these things possible,” Wayne revealed.

Wayne further appealed to well-wishers to help the initiative through donations of any relevant kind that would ensure the fight against the disease is a success.

He said: “we cannot do it all alone, we need people with good will to help this initiative, it is a long life time thing that will emotionally and physically  heal many souls we must unite to fight against diabetes,”.     

On his part, while unfolding the diabetic torture that hit hard his family to claim the pillar of his life, Provoice said it is a need for talented people to use the talents in doing something good.  

 “It was in 2009 this same disease took my father and made me to suffer in a number of ways, now it is a time that our talents should shield the oppressed,” Provoice said.

According to the umbrella organization of over 230 national diabetes associations, the  International Diabetes Federation (IFD) there were 195,700 cases of  diabetes in Malawi in 2017 and prevalence of diabetes in adults remains at 2.4%.  



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