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DJ SHORTIE: A Rare Spice In M-Dubz Club Deejaying


Q & A By Langson Kalua Junior

Fact: Club Deejaying in M-dubz is predominantly male dominated. As to why this is the case is another chapter for another day. However, there’s one outstanding female phenomenon, DJ Shortie, a monster in her own right. Shortie spins like nobody’s business.  

As expected, being in a male-dominated industry is no child’s play. It has taken a lot for Shortie to have a remarkable label in this business.

In this interview, DJ Shortie shares her brief history and insights into this lucrative industry.  

  • Birth name: Gladys Madalitso Jani
  • Date of birth: 28 November
  • City of Residence: Lilongwe
  • Why the name Shortie?

Being the Short one in the Family everyone used to call me “Empress ‘Shortie’. I used to hate the name but then the more you hate a nickname the more they call you with that name. so, with time, I just accepted it.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance (Blantyre International University)

Origin of the love for Djaaying

I was inspired to start Djaaying while in Zimbabwe where I was doing my primary school. There wwere two guys, one DJ Fox (A guy from my Hood) and DJ Chillie (A female radio presenter). Growing up, for entertainment in my home we used to look up to my eldest brother (Sydney) who has been in the Music Industry for a long time. While in High school, two young brothers (Malvin and Thomas) took time to teach me while using Virtual DJ whenever they were free.

So, with time, this industry started intriguing me.

When did you venture into this profession?

I’ve been actively spinning since 2016 when I’d entered the Carlsberg Chill DJ Competition where I was chosen to be number 3 into the 2nd Round.

Challenges Encountered

It surely hasn’t been easy as it may seem. Being a female DJ is something that I’ve always wanted to become as I love dancing. However, finding opportunities to play in clubs or at any event was very hard as an up and coming DJ, and not many people were willing to accommodate me. I would show up at some gigs, people be looking down on me.

In your world, who’s a professional deejay? What is Deejaying all about?

DJing was (and still is) predominantly a male occupation and that naturally makes it harder to compete and thrive in certain circumstances. I always feel I have to work very much harder and stand up to greater criticisms to prove myself in such a male dominated field. To me I have always had this in mind that Deejaying is about an ear for music, an understanding of the crowd, atmosphere, and technical skills. These things should be considered ‘genderless’.

What’s your goal in this profession?

I’m constantly inspired by the music and my mission is to love what I do, lead by example and exceed the crowd’s expectations through passion. Having that in mind, I always tell myself not to let that affect the version of what I truly want to become and I always tell myself not to let that affect me. With that spirit, I keep practicing more and more to improve and get to where I want to be (Be on the biggest of Stages in the World)

We are in the Corona Era, how are you interacting with your fans?

In this Covid-19 time we are doing Live mixes (Facebook) under Home Invasion (Sizwe’s lounge)


  • Dream holiday destination: UAE
  • Dream car; Volkswagen (VW)
  • Favourite meal: Fish and nsima
  • Favourite Chilling Spot: CUNECO (Lilongwe Wildlife centre)

Social media Handles

  • Facebook: DJ ShortieMW
  • Instagram; @djshortieroyalty
  • Twitter; @djshortieroyalty



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