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By Anderson Manning’s Gowa

With the advent of super electronic gadgets, computers in that vein diagram, all Homo-sapien like creatures who feel as if they are producers have fallen play into tagging themselves the art of music production.

Taking a casual stroll into a number of homes, ghetto youths have mounted studios, recording some half-baked hits in the process.

To others, music recording is a hobby. To Kennan Longwe, the northern grandfather of sweet vibes that sooth the soul, the likes of “Ungoziwa chatha” by Ril-B, man of Dancehall (Mady P) and other equally esteemed soul moving tunes, music production is a calling, a profession befitting matured artists not in age but skill.

The Mzuzu music icon in music production, Dj Ken-Lo is no stranger to music devotees in the north and across the breadth and width of mother Malawi.

DJ Ken Lo was inspired by his elder brother Godfrey Longwe.

“My bro is also a music producer based in Jozi. He is the one who planted this talent in me. He is as good as I am or more than that man” says the soft spoken Dj Ken-Lo while cozily having good time on his couch while sipping some expensive natural fruit juice.

Ken Lo

Ken-Los’s journey into music production started way back with a six year experience sticker hovering around his profile.

“Music production is not a career for everyone as it demands skills and patience to comprehend a flock of music enthusiasts who flock to our studios.

Some with little knowledge of what they are looking for. But as an experienced producer my humble job is to transform the willing but inexperienced music artists into five stars,” advises Ken-Lo with a grinning face.

Dj Ken-Lo as human being dreams and the dreams he has been having aren’t a clandestine phenomenon.

“My wish is to build a studio that has all the etiquettes of international level studios,” emits Ken-Lo.

Appreciating his studio set-up at Hilltop, a ghetto in the Northern chilly city of Mzuzu, one is left with a salute. And indeed true to Ken-Lo’s dream, the vision of erecting an international level studio is just a stone throw away from where he is fantasizing.

But the grandfather of music production in the north and beyond, his spirits are low. He bemoans the cheapness that music production as an occupation brings.

“Brother man, elsewhere in advanced countries, music production is big monies but alas! In Malawi music production is cheap. But because it’s a calling we can’t do otherwise but accept the situation,” outcries Ken-Lo with a sad but positive feeling that things will change for the better one day.

Besides being a producer, Ken-Lo has also the very talent of singing. He is a musician himself and as a top-secret some time ago, now on the table for all. Ken-Lo is catering something in the music kitchen.

“I’m currently working on a 12 track album, to be released soon. Fanz out there should just tune their ears as the mother of albums is about to be served,”

Ken Lo whose ecstatic moment was when he baked his first hit ”Ungodziwa Chatha” with Ril B is not a juvenile in music circles.

He has done eye catching pieces with the likes of Wakisa James, Mafo, Ril B, Nyasa B, Blaze , Mady-P, Wikise, Manton & Sireen and a myriad of other musicians occupying his 250 paged journal, where he records the names of musician he has worked with.



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