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Diaries: The Chronicles of M-DUBZ’ finest! (PHYZIX AND BARRY UNO)


By Gibson C Kamanga.

M-dubz urban music podium is set for what is going to be arguably the biggest album-collabo of all time as two of the country’s finest, Phyzix, and Barry Uno are releasing Diaries, a 10 plus track album later this year, EM can reveal.

Diaries, a largely GD (of the Dare Devils) and Tricky Beatz production, chronicles the musical and personal lives of the two legends; an invitation to view the world, from the vantage point of Phyzix, and Barry.

According to Barry, Diaries is a revelation of the values and beliefs that have shaped the duo, musically and personally.

“It’s a compilation that will take you through our artistry life, achievements and failures we have had in our music careers and life in general. It’s music from a place of honesty; how we see life and speaking on it based on our beliefs and what has shaped us to this point in life. He reveals.

And that is not all, there is a likelihood of a mixture of their traditional hardcore life-touching punchlines, and a blend of genres, if what Phyzix, had been bending it over the years is anything to go by. That aside, Diaries would like to appeal to various classes of M-Dubz urban music faithfuls hence the mixture.

Asked if there is going to be other guest appearances, the duo kept the nation guessing by not disclosing much.

“As for now, we are not disclosing the guest appearances as we are keeping it as a surprise for the people. We don’t want to ruin or mess with people’s expectations,” they said.

The timing

M-Dubz Urban Music 101 Encyclopedia will tell all and sundry that Barry Uno, and Phyzix are part of the base of what Malawi Urban Music is today. They are simply among the top-top elite artists in the business who have contributed to its (local urban music) survival and acknowledgement. Their names have been there for as long as the modern day urban music has.

However, it has always dazzled a lot of curious musical minds locally that throughout their glittering musical careers, the duo has never had a joint song.

So why did it take this long?

Phyzix claims it has always been in the interest of the duo to work together as they have always admired each other’s musical lyrical prowess since time immemorial.

“We’ve always wanted to work together along the years but it had to be right, it had to make sense and it had to be fun. It’s all the above right now! The time is right now for a Phyzix & Barry Uno joint album,” emphasizes he.

Barry also echoes Phyzo’s sentiments by saying 2018 was favorable for the duo to marry musically.

“Guess there’s always time for everything, but right now is perfect because we can address the experiences, challenges and all on this platform way much better. We want to encourage the youth to believe in themselves to become what they want to be in life.” He says.

Barry Uno & Phyzix

The Choices

Minus Phyzix, or Barry Uno, we do have other equally esteemed artists who can also claim the legendary status as the duo. So, why did Barry, or Phyzo opted for the other? Why this musical marriage?

To Phyzix, it was courtesy of both personal admiration and national building. Himself, bred and made in Lilongwe, and Barry from Blantyre mean connecting each other’s fans, which is desirable for the nation.

“We’re fans of each other’s work. We are good friends. We represent the two major cities in Malawi (Lilongwe, and Blantyre). We come from the same generation of Hip Hop. We are at a similar stage in life. And it feels right.” He reveals.

On his part, Barry Uno says teaming up with Phyzix was to fill the missing link in their musical life, and the country’s M-Dubz Hip Hop literature.

“It was only right to do so because though we’re from the same generation and being some of the pioneers of hip hop in Malawi, this is the first time we have collaborated and we had to fill in the gap we never took advantage of from the time we both had started and flourished musically.” Says he.

The glamour in collabos; more than music

They are both legends. Various up and coming artists look up to these musical maharishis for guidance either musically, or personally. So, here is what this joint album will do to the Malawi youths in various spheres of life.

According to Phyzix, himself a professional marketer, and famed for preaching unity and benefits of teamwork in life, is of the view that their collabo is an eye opener for Malawian artists to embrace teamwork; intra, and extra music endeavors.

“Collaboration has always been key in all aspects of life; be it Business, Family and Music… we, therefore, encourage up and coming musicians to embrace a spirit of working together. Not necessarily putting out music together or a joint album but collaboration on all the other aspects of the art. Be it ideas for a song, promotion, shows and the like,” he advises.

Way forward

Now that the news of this joint album has been made official, Malawians are eagerly anticipating of the musical earthquake that is to befall Malawi’s maturing urban musical podium. Still more, there are some grey areas that the fans of the duo are curious to know.

Like….Other guest artists

The ever-green Phyzix, A.K.A Captain Bae, A.K.A Gamba wa Suit or whatever one would want to address him, is also known for trending with the musical fashion of the day. Though he has been relatively in the game for ages, but his relevance in the industry has always been a major cause for insatiable appetite for Phyzo’s music country wide. He has always featured crème de la crème of what matters in the urban music scenery when it matters most. If you think this is an overstatement, listen to Noninoni, Paterera, King of the Ghetto, and Zibwente among others, and appreciate the genius eye that Captain Bae has when it comes to music.

So, upon being asked if Diaries is going to have other guest artists, the two legends opted to keep M-Dubz musical fraternity guessing again…making one’s appetite for the album even grow thicker. And they know it.

“As for now, we are not disclosing the guest appearances as we are keeping it as a surprise for the people, we do not want to ruin or mess with people’s expectations,” the duo revealed.


Still itching for more information? First single for the album will hit the airwaves any day around April.

As for now, watch this space as history is being made!



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