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By Chifundo Zingunde.

For music mongers back then, the song, Darling Wangu iwe ,Undigulire selefoni was not just a song; it was a hit song. It made noise. It was the song that introduced the then youthful Dev Mak, born Davie Makupe into the musical circles.

Unfortunately, after a couple of songs, the guy went A.W.OL.

Flip flopping to 2018, Dev Mak is back! After four years in the musical doldrums, the guy is set to make his presence felt with his new single, Delete, a collabo with UMP Song of the Year winner, Macelba.

The song, expected to hit the airwaves on the 31st of January this year, revolves around a lover who parted ways with a partner and is seeking for a re-union with a resistance from the other party.

Delete | Artwork

Justifying his musical hibernation, Dev Mark attributed work commitments as being the driving factor. However, he was quick to say he is now here to stay as he has finished all the necessities that were consuming his time .

“I was committed to duty calls; now I have finished everything that took my time not to do music. Now, I’m back to where I belong; in the booth!” Promised Makupe.

According to Makupe, having Macelba in the song was a move to reach out to the younger generation.

“You know music style is dynamic, so I’ve to adjust my style to suit into the needs of the industry,” he revealed.

However, Dev Mak has said he is not completely losing his unique touch as it is part of his life and defines his music dominance.

“I can’t rule out that style. I have a lot of songs coming with that very same genre so yes, I am not quitting my style. I’m just exploring new avenues but the old Dav is still in town for his fans”. Promised he.

Delete will be the first song for Dev Mak in about four years. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that the artist is working on another song which he is going to feature South African based lyrical twister, Mwanache.



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