By Fiona Jacques Manda(La femme fatale)

It has come to my concern that most girls hardly have an idea what type of men should stay in their lives and get the title of a Mr Right.

Knowing your Mr Right could be one of the most difficult tasks you could get yourself into, but it’s worth it more especially if your last relationship didn’t work out as expected.You try to figure out different traits, that you feel could suit your expectations.

Most women ignore this aspect and they end up dating a whack who is far from a husband, talk more of a relationship material. It’s high time you scrutinized your man, defined him. So, dear girls, why don’t we clear the cloud?

The outer look matters

There are some divas out there that always talk of “His looks matter less” oh please! Spare me the joke. It’s high time niggas out there stop cheating themselves that girls would fall for their inner beauty. It simply doesn’t exist.

Every girl needs a man whom she could always be always proud to show the world. Your Mr Right must possess the characteristics that you placed in your checklist. We got different preferences, go for what you want; at least that’ll give you satisfaction.

He must have a plan for his life

It’s not a must per se but every man must have not only a blueprint for his life but also that of a relationship that he’s ventured into. Truth be told, no girl dreams to have a man who’s got nothing listed for his life. A plan for their life at least makes us feel secure. A Mr Right must be that man with integrity, confidence or charisma that must make a life desirable for his girl.

Ladies, there is more to the handsomeness, the swag, the sweet voice et al. Find a man who’ll take care of you, not one who’ll be your everyday focal point of worry.

Men, if you reading this, that’s a piece of advice. Do something! Being financially stable will do you good and probably, help you keep your lady longer Ladies need a better love life; it doesn’t necessarily mean they are gold diggers, but it’s worth it.

Be his priority

Being in a relationship is sometimes a burden, let alone trying to figure out if he is your Mr Right. A man must make you feel loved before you reciprocate the love. It’s senseless to be the only one giving out your best, and receiving the worst for all your efforts.

It’s not all about bedroom camaraderie; it’s about communication and much more. You can never convince a guy to priotize you, even if you try to pump sense into him. If he got no reason to take you and your relationship seriously take him off your list.

My fellow divas, we got a lot to do in the busy lives of ours. If he can’t make you his priority, they why should you? Crown someone who’s the spirits to make you his Queen.

Should respect you

Respect is one of the things that a lady looks for in a guy she wants to spend her life with. Even way before the utterance of “I do”, one must be respected. You can’t have a Mr Right who always criticises you for no reasons, never respects your ideas or how you feel about anything that affects your life.

Despite him being the axis of your life, he must be able to give you that respect which stores the dignity of yourself. A Mr Right Guy must be that one person who values your presence and love in his life. He must be that person who thinks that you complete his world.

My fellow divas, look for this kind of man. You can have it all but if you lose your self-worth, then all is in vain.

Of course, it’s hard to fall in love, but once you have your Charmer, before you commit yourself into him, assess his suitability for the betterment of you two.



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