Part of the participates of the FAM C Coaching license in Karonga



By Lusekero Mhango.

“Gender disparities in Malawian soccer will continue reigning supreme if females continue shunning soccer related activities.” The country’s football authorities have observed.

The concern has come following no female involvement among the 27 participants in a recent FAM C coaching license course that was conducted in Karonga District from the 21st to the 30th of May 2018.

According to FAM Technical Development Officer, Benjamin Kumwenda who is also a CAF Instructor, the situation is a step backwards to the growth of women’s football in the country.

“As a CAF Instructor, I’m very much disappointed with the lack of interest by women to patronize such opportunities when they come because when we talk of football we don’t only talk about the men but the female’s too bearing in mind that soccer is a fastest growing sport in our country for our girls hence we need more qualified women coaches,” he lamented.

Kumwenda further suggested that if women could start showing more willingness in such trainings, their presence at such courses would encourage other women to come forward to participate in such assignments.

“Women have a big role to play in the development of women football in our country hence any presence of a woman in such trainings attracts others to the game as they act as role models for others but when they miss such situations it becomes a bad development for women soccer,”he explained.

Concurring with Kumwenda’s observation, Caroline Phiri, herself a Women Football CAF Instructor said the lack of interest (from females) is posing a huge challenge in the progress of the sport in the country.

She notes that due to lack of commitment to the sport (by women) there is a dearth of qualified women coaches across the country.

“Football coaching is not only for men; we women can do it too! We can even coach men too if we show our commitment and passion for it hence my plea to women to take part in coaching courses when they arise,” Phiri said.

27 participants went home with FAM Coaching licenses from the said training. FAM had been travelling all over the country conducting such trainings to all interested citizens.



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