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“Alcohol, sex, drugs-I’d do whatever it took to feel better. It was definitely going to kill me”-MJB

The above quote from the undoubtedly Queen of RnB/HipHop Mary J Blige should sometimes remind we artists that sometimes the things we put into our bodies can really drive our direction from the spotlight into something our fans will definitely hate. Tell me, how can somebody in his right state of mind put off their shirt and show us their tits and their Chibuku pot belly just above their rugged, tattered underpants? You have seen that pic right? It’s been making rounds on the social media recently.

Ok! Everyone is saying you did it for the hype. We know you independent and you promote your music in the best way and legal way, but as we have seen before, such stunts don’t necessarily increase your Shabarakatalahiness.Seriously what are you smoking lately? All that I am saying is that you should put a little break to your sarcasm, yes! You fun but don’t let that fun demise your name on a number of downloads board.

We have had cases before I tell you, we can name a few; the pregnancy pics, the dreadlock guy –toilet pics etc it’s all crazy. Even abroad such madness just drove people to conclude or to borrow the Gwamba tweet hashtag #Mentalhealthawareness.You are going insane, it’s even pathetic analyzing your posted picture. Don’t make a fool of yourself big man.

One thing that bothers me for a while now and definitely pushed to write this letter is the caption that we can say has became almost a cliché now “celebrity vs. wotchuka” for the details: people put a celeb from Malawi and they compare with a pic of some celeb from the US or some internationally acclaimed (and good looking for that matter) artist. Why do you think people do that? It is because artists like you choose to behave in that sick way by posting your embarrassing photos.

Oh yes! We know you don’t give a damn, but a little respect of your craft is better; after all you trying to expand your fan base so take it serious. Otherwise, it is funny what this has done to your image, you may just end up as someone trying to make it without even reaching the starting line.

Well that being said, I wish they put you on the list of artists to perform at one of this year’s lake shore festivals. Guess the line of artists will really turn up the cloud. Although wanted to hear what you can say on how the organizers choose these international artists, one hit or a couple of songs then is enough for an outside artist to headline such a show? Maybe let’s wait and see.

In the end, let’s say we can drink, booze, party shmoooke…you name it! but as artists, we gatta check our levels, because this becomes a distraction to our music in the long run, however, lessons should be learnt, we need more rraaaaaaraaa!music from ya …Uli n’zinga??



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