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One of the days in the week gone by, Yours Truly was glued to the radio; enjoying the sound coming from speakers penetrating into his ears like a breeze of pure fresh air from a distant lake.

As you know, entertainment news is the food to The Philosopher’s soul. So, what captured the Philosopher’s attention was a very entertaining radio talk program. The program, almost similar to EM’s Artist of the Week column, or Raw Talent of the Week column is all about live radio (studio) interviews with musical artists where the latter give their insights about their musical backgrounds et al.

As The Musical Philosopher was enjoying the interview, he noticed that the interviewee was frequently murdering the Queen’s language. Not that the Musical’s Philosopher regards English as a measure of one’s intellectual prowess. Nuh!

However, from Musical Philosopher’s point of view, if one is not conversant with the Queen’s language, it’s good to use one’s familiar language. This artist, on this day, didn’t observe this. His use of tenses was an embarrassment to the Queen, let alone pronunciations of the queen’s lingua franca.

As if sensing what The Musical Philosopher’s ears were grasping, and what his mind was regurgitating, the radio host asked the interviewee if his feet had ever stepped in class. The artist, shyly responded to the affirmative; to which the Musical Philosopher clearly cast a shadow of doubt. But being a learned man, Yours Truly gave the ‘celebrity’ the benefit of a doubt.

As if not convinced with what the musician answered, the interviewer further inquired the current level to which the artist was attaining his academics ink. Typical of crooks; the musician just said “secondary school level”. Yours guess is as good as Yours Truly’s. The response completely buried the little trust The Musical Philosopher had that the artist indeed attains any academic lessons.

Overall, the interview was so captivating but the failure by our M-dubz celebrity to sustain the Queen’s language killed the euphoria. His failure made it very disappointing and embarrassing to the artist himself and of course to the country at large.

The interview kept the Musical Philosopher thinking. For those who were streaming online, what did they think of our secondary school education? That someone can reach that level without mastering the white man’s tongue? Really?

After the interview was done, Yours Truly ‘googled’ this celebrity’s academic levels…..guess what was the outcome? That Mr-Celebrity-that-never-was had ever tasted secondary education was a Blue lie. School has been his mother-in-law for some years now. So unfortunate.

This is the case most of the times in our M-dubz entertainment industry; many of our desperate-for- fame celebrities do not care about school once they discover that the talent they have can bring them something to throw in their stomach. They throw caution to the wind and forsake formal education and think they live in Hollywood where their talent would bring them food on the table day in day out.

This, unfortunately, is not only in music; even in sports. Memories are still fresh of our soccer lad who sparked a debate after his failure to express hisself clearly in the colonial master’s language during a post-match interview. Remember him?

Reaching that far, allow the philosopher to let you know that you need education. It would not only help you in speaking rightly, but also sharpen your mind so that whatever you will be doing, it will be expressing itself that it is a product of an educated celebrity. Just basic knowledge won’t kill you. It’ll also help you in understanding such issues as contracts and the like.

When you are educated, it is hard for tricksters to ‘eat’ using your sweat; but as you are, you’ll be signing contracts you do not understand, for you only to cry in the end.

Until I start seeing you going in class,

I remain Tours Truly,

The Musical Philosopher.



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