ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Fiona Jacques Manda.

Slay Queen. This is or was one of the frequently uttered names in this year that’s going to an end. Truth be told, this is a euphemistic way of labelling whoever it is a whore, a hooker, a prostitute, or whatever brand you wanna label professionals from this industry.

Being one of them cutepies who’s free minded, I have no probs on who calls whom what provided there’s a convincing justification. However, this year, I’ve noted that there’s been a trend of these other not-so-good-looking-but-desperate single ladies (excuse me for my truth) who’ve been so obsessed with branding any gorgeous uptown charming princess as a Slay Queen.

Being a victim of that term before, first time I was branded that label, it got me thinking. I was like, “wft is wrong with these ladies? Why would someone label me such a god-forbidden term? I got pissed off. But it got me thinking.

So, after some weeks of soul-searching, I strongly believe I’ve got the understanding of such deluded attitude.

Fellow Sexy Divaz, whether Fat or Slim Ones like myself, why is it that when one is super-gorgeous, is a cleanliness freak, and appears to be more uptown, then them ladies who’ve features that bar them from attracting an admiring eye tend to label the former as a Slay Queen? Why is it that Slay Queens are always good looking? Why is it that Slay Queens are not downtowners?

If you’ve an answer to all these, thank you! That’s my line of argument as well.
You see, often times, those who label ladies as Slay Queens are often times frustrated souls. If they’re ladies, chances are very high that you are way much better than them in all aspects. They could be suffering from low self-esteem. And often times as well, they’re also frustrated fellaz.

It’s so unfortunate that some deluded dudes have also joined this miserable band wagon of frustrated Slay Queen branders. Once you block somebody’s advances on you, then outta their frustrations, they brand you with a Slay Queen accolade. Really? Wtf is wrong with you niggaz?

Ain’t trynna look sophisticated but it’s high time you know that uptown ladies have standards and principles. If you’re a dude and you don’t meet my standards, just know you won’t rock my boat! It’s that simple! If you’re ugly, and also have no brains, please! Save me your drama! I don’t need it!

Similarly, fellow ladies, if the guy whom you’d been cajoling, if the guy whom you’d been fasting foods for years so you could win him decides to hook me or any other lady but you, respect that, just know that you were not better than the lucky princess. So, this shouldn’t be a qualification to name your rival a Slay Queen. Just accept that she’s outsmarted you, you weren’t good enough in his eyes. Period!

After all, you can’t expect uptown Dudes (like my Lovely Nigga out there) gaze your direction if proper body glooming and dressing to kill ain’t your language. Men out there will never sniff you; rather, get decent, put on all the fancy makeups, then you will understand the sense I’m pumping here.

Tell you what? It’s not a crime to be good-looking, and it is not my fault nor the lucky princess’ fault that you weren’t born good looking. Blame it on Mother Nature.

In the world of the Desperate Ones, I’ve also noted that when you dress to kill, when designer clothes are your everyday attire, then you do qualify to be a Slay Queen. My god!!! Some people are just irresistibly dumb. For god’s sake, what do you expect from ladies like yours truly to be donning? A 1992 viscous blouse? Or a botsotso trousers so as to please you? Hell no! Get a life for once, please!!!

And it makes things worse when you start making comparisons with us, Uptowners. Can you please just stay in your mother&$#@n lane please! Stay in your comfort zone; we also stay in ours. You need to understand that we can’t be equal, physically. Emotionally ….literary in all aspects of life. We can’t all be alike. Being contented with what you have is the cheapest medication for your happiness. This can assist you to protect your nose from popping into other people’s businesses.

In the Desperate Ones’ planet, the sight of an uptown lady who goes clubbing is synonymous to Slay Queening. Who says clubbing is for dudes and whores only? Which century are you living in by the way? If you’re broke, accept it. It’s not like everyone must share your broke status. We all need to have some fun once in a while. It’s none of your business to always stock someone on how they’re spending their monies on. It’s theirs iyaaa!

I could go on and on and on and on….. but I’m afraid in the end, people may start relating me to the desperate ones. All in all, I’ve a feeling that inferiority complex is the driving factor to this hapless kinda thinking. It’s only when one feels insecure that they can call another girl a Slay Queen, with little or no justification. As for me, I’m not gonna relent, I won’t take it when someone calls me a Slay Queen, neither am I quitting being stunning! I’m gonna keep it moving, be classy and graceful.

To my fellow insecure girlfriends, improve your dressing, keep your outer look on point. Don’t despise those who are way above your level. Learn from them! It won’t kill.



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