By Chifundo Zingunde

It is a rare phenomenon in Malawi for a talented person, to train one to be like them. Many a Malawian artist would prefer they go six feet deep with their talents, and skills.

But for hoarse-voiced Mzuzu-based dancehall artist-cum-music-producer, Twiggy, real name, Joel Phiri, that is not his modus operandi. He is one of those rare humble icons that believes in leaving a legacy. He is one of those jewels that believe in sharing the little skills they know for the good of the industry.

That is why he has decided to venture into offering music production lessons to all and sundry at his base, Kaning’ina Studios in Katoto, Mzuzu.

According to him, impacting skills in others is part of being patriotic to Malawi’s dancehall music industry and also a better way of living a legacy.

“I have objectives in life; as Twiggy, I don’t want to die without living a legacy. I want Mzuzu city to go to the next level.

In case something happens to me, I don’t want my skills to die with me; I want to leave a legacy with my production lessons” he revealed.

Being a practical module, the said lessons will have both theoretical and hands-on parts so the prospective learners master everything in the course.

“To me, production involves a lot of practical aspects; Kaning’ina Records will always tutor the students in both theory and practical so as to make them complete producers” said the production enthusiast.


The production prowess that is in Twiggy: What others say

It has been a long and windy road so to speak. However, Kaning’ina records’ first professional music was with Positive Yut, on a track titled Wapysa Msika of which Twiggy reveals was no mean feat.

“I remember Positive (Yut) came to me for a session. I said No; because he was a big artist and I was an amateur by then. However, he motivated me to say I could do it. It was his trust in me that fired me up and the reaction from the fans after the production was just so awesome!” he reveals.

When asked about Twiggy, one of the gifted and versatile female artists locally, Lady Pace had nothing but good to say about this phenomenon producer.

“He is extremely unique; a daredevil, extremely amazing. He is just exceptionally talented,” lamented Lady pace.

The multi-tasking Twiggy

Twiggy is more than just music. He is an Electronic engineering student, and also an employee with Carlsberg Malawi. Such is the mountain of tasks this artist has on his table day in day out. But how does he manage all these?

“It’s all about time management. I wake up with a well-planned schedule and I have never missed a single task. My close allies can testify that Twiggy is always committed to what he does. So, time management matters to me,” he said.

…………….About Kukani’inako Record Company

Kaning’ina Records, the firm behind ku-Kaning’inako voice tag is owned by an afro-dancehall group, Blackface Family. The grouping is made up of three siblings King Sparrow (Limbani Phiri), Jah face (William Mkorongo), and Twiggy, while the other member is Critiq (Nickson Gondwe), who is currently in RSA.



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