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By Yona Gondwe.

Cyrus Nyirenda, a Diploma (First Semester) student, and also the President for the students Union at the Malawi Institute of Journalism (Mzuzu Campus) emerged victorious during a fierce Public Speaking Competition that took place at the campus on Friday.

Cyrus, who presented a speech on the benefits of medical male circumcision, walked tall after a convincing presentation which moved the audience courtesy of his proficiency in articulating issues.

After hours of presentations, it was Cyrus who convinced judges led by EM’s Gibson Kamanga to emerge victorious.

According to Gibson, Cryus had all the arsenal to emerge the winner.

“The topic was so captivating. He did his ground works well and he kept moving the audience with his mastery of the topic. His presentation was simply marvelous,” he remarked.

In a post event interview, the winner, Cyrus said he was very happy for emerging the winner and he did not take it for granted.

“Standing in front of the whole school to me was not a joke as it required one to be more than a man enough to conquer.” said Nyirenda.

On his part, the event’s guest of honour and spokesperson for Mzuzu Police, Paul Tembo hailed MIJ authorities for organizing such a colourful event; the first one of its kind at the campus.

He said such events do shape students into professional communicators later on in their lives.

“This is a welcome development. Training students in such aspects does assist them to be fully-fledged communicators later on,” he applauded.

Minus Cyrus, Wezzie Mwangonde came second with Laureen Banda, and Fredom Chande sharing the third slot.

And according to MIJ Mzuzu campus’ centre Coordinator, Gabriel Nyirenda, the event was the genesis of “Good things to come as MIJ plans to have a national event on the same where students from all its three campuses would battle it out.”



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