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CRISPY WA PAMPENE ALLIANCE; The fruit of hardworking


Profile by Constance Pindikani, and Gomezgani Mhango

The music industry in Malawi is rapidly growing, and every day a new artist is born. Music is one of the most effective ways of getting to disseminate information because of its power attracting information much quicker. Music is used to advertise, set the mood for various events, whether sombre mood, jovial mood, and or angry mood. Music has also been influenced greatly by international and local material. Above all, it is also hard to get people to like your music, it should be unique and worth listening to, because almost everyone sings these days.

To impress your audience is not as easy as you might think, but hard work does the magic for Crispy Wa Pampene Alliance, an up and coming reggae dance hall artist from Karonga. According to him, hard work and dedication has helped him a lot since he started his music career.

At the age of 26, the Karonga based artist, is slowly finding his way up the ladders to becoming one of the most prominent figures in the music industry. Mangawa was his first professional song in the year 2016, and this was a great achievement to him, since it was his first time.

Birth Name: Lawrent Nyirenda

Date of Birth: 3 August 1992

Origin of the stage name, Crispy: When I was young, I loved eating universal Industries, the then popular snacks which were called crispy so by then people nicknamed Mr. Crispy, and when I came here in Karonga I formed Pampene Alliance and here people from this alliance added wa pampene to my crispy so its Crispy wa Pampene.

Origin of music passion

Actually much of my involvement with the church youth activities help me to develop the passion because we were spending much of our time singing. And I started taking music seriously in 2009 when I got so close to some guys who by then and of course up to now are rocking the northern region, the likes of Zephy Mr Oldies, the negative X, the Black Face Family, to mention a few.

Genre: Reggae Dancehall

Base: Karonga

Home town: Mzimba

Highest academic qualification: Diploma in Marketing, Continuing

Record Label: not yet signed

Favourite local urban music icon: Everyone making it in the music industry is my icon

Favourite international urban music icon: Likewise, any good music in the music industry is my icon.

Best friend in the music industry: Pampene Alliance crew

First professional song: Mangawa (Produced by Ploklem)

Crispy Wa Pampene Alliance

Ambition in the music industry: to become a prominent figure in the music industry in Malawi, and make it big.

What is so unique about your music?: Reggae music is mostly positive, educative, and reflects real life experiences, not only that, reggae music is also mostly associated with peace and love.

Life outside music: I work in one of the leading fast moving consumer goods company in Malawi, and music is what you would call a side chick, and work is my main chick. I’m married to my work, I love it.

Did your parents agree with your music career: since way back I used to sing in the church choir, hence it did not surprise them at all to see me pursuing music.

What’s your best memory in life?: I have lived most of my childhood in the village, when time came for me to finally live in town, I was very delighted.

What’s your worst memory in Life?: I once was misled by a girl I thought was into me, only to find out that she was faking and was not truly into me.

Challenges faced in the industry: Sometimes it gets hard to know the right way to get your message in the song to get to the audience of target, media houses never play my songs, even when they have been approached to do so, and lastly financial problems also get in the way.

Advise to fellow artists: They should never look down on their capabilities, because challenges are there to strengthen your competence, always keep your head high, and stand tall!

Social media handles

  • Facebook:Crispy wa pampene
  • Twitter:@crispy wapampene
  • Instagram:crispy wapampene






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