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By Kedson Ngwira.

Celebrated multi-talented new school rapper, Crispy Mw, who made bigger headlines in 2017, is set to release his first song in 2018 called “Mbola” this coming Friday 9th March 2018.

The song, according to Crispy Mw, highlights challenges the country is sailing through in various spheres of life.

According to the artist, time has come for the new school artists to voice out their frustrations at the country’s current status quo.

“I have voiced out a lot of things which are not working in a right way in Malawi; you talk of internet, electricity, hustles, youthful life style and others” revealed he.

Crispy Mw

Earlier, Crispy Mw was set to release the song this coming Monday, the 12th of March 2018 but pressure from his fans forced him to reverse his plans.

“I had wanted this song to come out on Monday next week but I can’t let my fans to wait till Monday. They are hungry to listen from me this 2018 that’s why I’m releasing it this Friday on 9th (March 2018),“ said Crispy.

Last time the artist released a song was in December, Zizaululika, which he had featured Jazil.

Mbola which was recorded and mastered by Cruck, will be available for free downloads at this website ( and even

The lyrics will also be made available on our website.



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