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  • A case of James Pensulo’s Basic Mpondagiya Tech

By Lonjezo Idrissa

Covid 19 may have been wrecking havoc to many nationally and globally. The side effects are too many to mention.

To 35-year-old James Pensulo from Namuthu Village, in Mulanje, the adage “out of adversity comes the opportunity” shall forever ring a bell in his mind as Covid 19 pandemic has opened a new era of a wonderful innovation courtesy of his Mpondagiya (literally “peddle the gear) home-made technology.

In simpler terms, the Mpondagiya is a water pumping mechanism that’s being used to wash hands which releases water when it is stepped.

Having consumed the nitty gritties of Covid 19, James innovated the Mpondagiya technology to assist in combating the pandemic. The innovation is made up of a set of four wooden rods, and two plastic bottles, the bigger one acting as a water dispenser of some sort, and the smaller slashed bottle as a cup for drawing the waters respectively.

According to James, the innovation came into being for two reasons.

“I created a Mpondagiya rather than buying a bucket that has a tap on it as I wasn’t financially balanced to afford it. Secondly, I observed that the use of bucket with a tap on it doesn’t effectively prevent one from contracting the Corona virus as one is required to close the tap after washing hands and this makes it vulnerable for others to contract it.” Pensulo narrates.

Now, Mpondagiya has become a life saver for James’ customers (he’s a hawker) and passerby alike.

“It’s not only my customers who use the Mpondagiya, even other people who pass by my shop tend to use it for washing their hands. They consider it as being the most effective way of preventing the virus and other pathogens,” said Pensulo.

James Pensulo’s life-saving basic technology has come into the limelight courtesy of CRECCOM’s (Creative Centre for Community Mobilization) sensitization meetings in the district.



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