• Organize two urban music shows in neighbouring venues
  • Some supporting artists appear on posters for both concerts

What is it that they fear?”-Chilunga

“It’s business, competition is part of it” -Francis

By Chifundo Zingunde.

Pull-Him-Down syndrome appears to have taken centre stage in Mzuzu city as this Saturday, the 3rd of February, 2018, two urban music shows are to be staged in venues about three kilometers from each other.

On a good day, having two urban music shows within three kilometres of each other is normal. However, controversy, and frustration appear to be reigning supreme in the Green City as the days go closer to Saturday the 3rd.

What started as a normal urban music show dubbed Pre-Valentine Show headlining Martse, Charisma, Toast, Krazie G, and Kelly Kay at Mzuzu Tourist Lodge appears to have been negatively received by some quarters of the city as minus, Trizah Titus, the rest of the line-up was made up of artists from Lilongwe, and Blantyre.

Pre-Valentine Show has been organized by City View Events under Francis Mkandawire.

Pre-Valentine Show

Now, the initial exclusion of Mzuzu-based artists appears to have brewed mayhem as Mzuzu-based artists, via Top City Management have organized a counter-urban music show at Katoto Secondary school ground on the same day. The show, dubbed, Mzuzu All-stars Urban show is going to be free of charge; an attempt to lure more patronage.

Mzuzu All-Stars free show will have the city’s heavyweights and lightweights alike; Ril B, Homage, Wakisa James and company are some of the faces to grace the occasion.

Although Top City Management’s organizers have quashed away the frustration (of excluding Mzuzu-based artists from the Pre-Valentine Show) as to be behind their Free show, their insinuations point to the contrary.

At first, Managing Director for Top City, Augustine Chilunga down played the rumor claiming his event (Mzuzu All Star Urban Free show) was planned last year and serves to address various challenges affecting the youths.

Mzuzu All Star Urban Free show

“We planned this last year; the main aim of organizing the free show is to advocate various social challenges affecting youths in the city,” he claimed.

Despite Chilungu’s sentiments, his other insinuations clearly point out his hidden frustration towards City View Events’ exclusion of Mzuzu-based urban artists from the Pre-Valentine Show.

“It’s all about understanding each other, but if they had consulted us (organizers from Mzuzu) on best dates I don’t think there would have been this finger-pointing. On the same issue, can artists from Lilongwe and Blantyre tell us why they fail to invite artists from Mzuzu who are equally as good even better than them, what do they fear? Or what is it that they fear about? A simple show of Mzuzu based artists who are undermined by them?” Quizzed Chilunga.

On his part, Francis Mkandawire, Events Director for City View Events Managers, (organizers of Pre-Valentine show) said he is not worried since it is all about business as they have different audiences.

“I wish them (Mzuzu All Stars urban show) luck. Being a business, we can’t run away from competition. I can assure you who ever has organized this show (Mzuzu all stars) should know that we have different audience. I am unfazed,” challenged Mkandawire.

As the countdown continued, drama unfolded as City View Events released another poster, now with some notable faces from the Green City; Blackface Family, Homage, Jermaino, and Lexazz.

Asked if the sudden change of the poster was to counter the Mzuzu All Star urban show, Mkandawire said it was just a business strategy.

“It’s not due to what anybody has done, it’s just a business strategy,” he claimed.

On his part, Chilunga refused to comment on the other camp’s new developments.

Meanwhile controversy still lingers on as the new poster on City View Events’ Pre-Valentine show has artists who are also appearing on the Mzuzu All Stars urban free show.

Jah face (of the Blackface Family), Jermaino, and Homage, are the faces that are appearing on both camps.

Asked how they were going to handle the two shows both happening at the same time, on the same day, but in different venues, Jah Face, one of the three siblings making up the Blackface Family said it was going to be possible. He assured that his crew is going to manage satisfying both audiences from the two venues.

“We’ll indeed perform at both venues. We’ll just have to liaise with both organizers so that our schedules shouldn’t clash, but yeah! we’ll perform at both venues,” he assured.

On his part, another local boy, Homage, also confirmed that he was going to perform at both venues as both were beneficial to his blossoming musical career.

“It’s indeed true, I’m performing at Mzuzu Tourist lodge because financially, I’m going to benefit. That’s what I want as an artist; to benefit from my music…

And I’m also performing at the free show because I’m willing to do it for free regardless of having a show that’ll pay me. I don’t want to disappoint my fans,” he revealed.


Other Reactions

The tit-for-tat affair that has engulfed Mzuzu has caused mixed reactions to urban music followers in the city.

One of the music enthusiast from the city who requested anonymity said the free show will only stir hate and will continue de-linking Mzuzu from the other cities.

“Logically, this is all a makeup! I feel Mzuzu artists would have canceled the event so as to show their maturity. They should not lie that it was planned last year. They have organized it to make people dump the paid show; this will not make up things. It will stir the hatred that was calming down between artists from these cities,”. Said he.

To the contrary, Mzuzu-based rapper, Themba Mkandawire, stage name T.N.M, felt disappointed for being sidelined and points out that he will only attend Mzuzu all-stars show despite being friends with the visiting artists.

“It is not good at all; guest artists need to face the hosts. That should have been the direction. It’s high time organizers stopped regarding Mzuzu artists as dead north. I am very disappointed! That is the same reason I will only attend the Mzuzu all-stars show. I still feel to be with my family despite being visited by my friends,” Said T.N.M

Supporting the motion, Journalist, Fletcher Chiponda believes that the Mzuzu All-stars Show is a deliberate move and applauds the organizers for making the north have a voice.

“Whether they planned it last year or not, what I believe is that it is a deliberate move; and I support it that way. Are they trying to say that Mzuzu is not fit to provide artists to perform at that show? Mzuzu has Ril B, Kenlo, Kay man and many more, sidelining them only hurts the music industry”. Expressed Chiponda.

But another Mzuzu-based up and coming artist, Lexuzz who is to perform at the Pre-Valentine Show claims the organizers of Mzuzu All Stars Urban Music concert are playing double standards by pointing fingers at the City Events Management for the exclusion (of Mzuzu-based artists) when they too have left out other local artists.

He argues that much as City Events Management goofed by earlier exclusion of the ‘local’ artists from their show, it was illogical for Top City organisers to stage a counter show.

“I’m (was) surprised that my name was not among the Mzuzu All Stars when their poster popped up; maybe I don’t (didn’t) qualify (to be one of the all-stars),” He narrated.

It is Lexas comments that are further giving an impression that the Mzuzu All-Star Urban Event is nothing but a frustrated move aimed at foiling the Pre-Valentine concert.

“…even if I was one of the guys who held a meeting about flopping the other show (Pre-Valentine Show), still I would say no to flop the Pre-Valentine show because that was not the right solution,” he suggested.

Such is the disturbia that is hovering around the music atmosphere in Mzuzu currently. Both shows are scheduled to take place on the same date, 3rd February, 2018 in different venues. Pre-valentine show is at Mzuzu Tourist Lodge while Mzuzu All Stars is at Katoto ground. It remains to be seen how the events will unfold on this historical day in the relatively entertainment-quiet Green city.



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