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  • Namadingo defends his role in hosting a beer launch show

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Acoustic gospel singer Patience Namadingo has defended his decision to work with Castel Malawi during a beer launch, saying secular shows are what brings food on his plate.

His partnership with Castel Malawi last weekend (5-7th April 2019) attracted public uproar with many saying as a gospel artist, Namadingo was not supposed to be involved in such events more so involving a beer.

But in an interview, Namadingo acknowledged the suspicions people had on the deal but was quick to point out that what happened was a one – off deal that he had with Castel and has nothing to do with his Christian faith.

“This is not my first time to get involved in such kind of events. I have worked with ECO BANK, DSTV and World Vision on other similar deals as well, so it’s nothing,” said the soft spoken artist.

He added that he uses his singing talent as a job as, according to him, it brings food on his table.

“I believe people don’t know that being a gospel artist is not all that we can do; I also have come to understand over time that the talent I have can help me sustain my life,” he says.

Adds he, “people, before criticizing should come to understand that we live in the world that needs money so I don’t think hosting such kind of shows can be a crime. They (the criticizers) needed to be in my shoes.”

The uproar, according to the artist is weird considering that previously, he has ever worked with secular events before.

“I used to work with people from the secular background before. However, my music is not for those alone that are good. And, I managed to raise about 15 million kwacha for the cancer campaign, mostly it came from night clubs. Why didn’t the uproar soared then?” quizzed the puzzled Namadingo.

Namadingo further testify that “non church” goers are some of the most generous people he’s ever encountered.

“Basically, no church, no prayer group organized themselves to contribute a penny to that cause (Cancer-awareness) as I was going round the country raising funds. People who patronize drinking joints and club owners have been my fans and my partners way before.” Revealed he.

The Sinjenjemera hit maker said he did not regret working with Castel Malawi as the Official host to one of their products and he wished if he could even have been hired to perform on the night.

“The thing is, my music is not for those alone that are good, don’t drink, patronize churches every Sunday and they have received Jesus Christ as their Lord; rather it is for those too that are failing to keep up with the speed of being righteous,” he said.

The record launch was mesmerized by Kenyan award winning Afro pop group Sauti Sol and a battalion of other local artists.



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