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By Gomezgani Mhango

Tertiary education is one of those middle ages where one drafts or coins their ‘future’ life. College life is one of those periods where one shapes their prospective lives either for the better or for the other dark part. This is why, as youths, we need to open our eyes wider and realize that tertiary education is, for us, the youths.

You see, most Malawian youths have a misconception that college life (at least, as per Malawian setting) is full of ‘kuphaka life’ and a life free from ‘normal’ rules. This, to them is a place, where boozing and womanizing (if you’re male) or delinquency in general, becomes the older of the day. Studying, to such misconceptionists, becomes the name of the game. In the world of these dunderheads, smart studying is referred to as being “book worming’.

Ever thought of why many college students ruin their life? Here’s how;

  1. Alcohol and drug abuse

The major misconception that most Malawian youths have is that college life is synonymous with a catch-me-if you-can (free-for-all) life. Wrong! You see, a lot of youths start carousing and drug abuse all in the name of living the college dream. Clubbing becomes the order of the day. They spend nights in clubs drinking in the name of enjoying college life.

Thing is, such students forget that as they are, they have a lot of roles and responsibilities to take, both as students and as prospective Malawian leaders. As a student, one needs to create some space for both curricular, and extracurricular activities. Priotizing one over the other, has always proven suicidal. So, priotizing boozing, and what-have-yous has always been a major cause of academic suicidal to most college students.

2.The feeling of not fitting in

The second major challenge with most college students. We have seen a lot of youths who can’t accept who really they are (mostly financial background). You’ll see them indulging themselves in nasty activities in the name of supporting themselves so that they can also be seen as high class students around the campus. Instead of concentration on their studies so that they can break the chain of poverty they are in, they are so busy with other things that can also put their lives on the edge. Prostitution, theft, and what have you, they’ll do anything all in the name of living above their means; rather living to impress the society.

3.Peer pressure

On point, not so? This is one of the biggest vices not only at school but anywhere where there’s a Malawian youth. Oftentimes, this is not only harmful but also catastrophic that leads to negative and regrettable behaviors or consequences later on. We all know what poor decision making does to our health.

Fellow youths, learn to say no to things that won’t help you at all. Have friends who can help you create fruitful decisions and encourage you in your studies. As a result, you will be able to obtain good grades. Remember, you’re an average of five people who’re very close to you.

  1. Addiction to the Social media

In this 21st century, everyone in college at least has a smart phone, Some, even have laptops that help them in their studies. Not that bad. But these gadgets are somehow the breeding grounds for laziness.

Sometimes, plagiarism becomes the norm; no proper understanding of issues on the ground. This is why when exams come knocking, such students frown. Mr Google doesn’t work this time around.

Equally, disheartening is the fact that during lecture times, most of these students are busy, WhatApping, or Facebooking instead of listening to their lecturers. So, when the results are out, your guess is as good as mine!


So, fellow youths, good things do not fill a spoon. Our success and happiness lies on us, individually. Whatever you are doing now will determine your future. Learn to be wise and work harder, and smarter in order to lead a good life in the near future.



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