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We all know the three brains behind Njuchi zitatu music crew, the team-up of Eli. Chizmo and Coc Tiz, the kids that are taking dancehall music to another level.

A few months ago EM managed to feature the two of the three guys Eli and Chizmo. Here comes the last baby from the crew Coc Tiz real name Gift Salika.

“I ventured into the music industry because I was once a church choir member” “peer pressure from my friends motivated me to start doing music”. This is how many artists talk about their origin of the passion for music but with Coc Tiz the story is different, let’s say it’s from genes as his passion is biological he was motivated by his family.

“I might say now life is my inspiration but the origin is from my family, the whole family is of musicians were looking to the history of our family everybody does music so when I was a kid I just decided to be what my family is”. He said.

He added, saying that negative energy that people talk about it is good to him because it always boosts his hard-working spirit and his focus.

In an interview with EM the Ghetto hitmaker said that his fans should expect more fireworks from him this year as he is going to give them good and positive music.

“2020 is when I am going to upgrade my musical styles and tunes for more love and entertainment to my fans, of course, I have already started, examples are ghetto, business plus more tunes”. He revealed. 

On his remarks, Chycoon one of the manager for the crew said that people should expect good works from the kid as they are ready to give people what they deserve.

Brief Bio

Stage name: Coc Tiz Veda

Birth name: Gift Salika

Origin and meaning of the stage name: Coc tiz is a name given to him by his brother and Veda is an abbreviation for Very Entertaining Dancehall Artist.

Date or birth: 07 July 2000

Hobbies: making instrumentals and listening to music

Facebook: Coc tiz Veda

Instagram: @Njuchiveda



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