Classy, Sassy, “Melanie” redefines ITS FRIDAY

By Malchus and Gibson Kamanga.

Very few M-Dubz urban artists have ever efficaciously shook the musical podium with their first hit.

Tay Grin (“Ndabwera,”) and Phyzix of the Cholapitsa fame, among others, are some of the notable music guruz who have ever made noise with their debut hit smashes. And such songs have gone on to leave lasting memories in the minds of them M-Dubz’ fanatics.

Listening to ITS FRIDAY’s Melanie, you need no second thought to admit that history is in the offing.


Melanie is the one of those rare romantic grooves that’s gonna mesmerize your mind and leave you craving for more.

Sexy, classy, and sassy is how best to describe this rare emotional romantic appetizer that’s gonna make even the hardest of the hotties to easily fall for you; if you’re the dude!

Produced by the musical wonder kid, Eril, (in the song) Melanie, is a ‘crush’ for Zach (ITS FRIDAY). ITSFRIDAY appears to be head over heels for this cute-pie. This is shown in the first line where Zac says

“…your body interrupted my world///…you make me change my mind///…..

The instrumentation leaves you mouth agape as it is inviting the listener onto the love paradise that is Melanie. The low and soft vocal chords by the artist make it equally libidinous to entice some vibrations from your ear drums.


I coulda had you but im very leti/

So i wrote this so you could relate//

So hit me up when you need motivation

{the hook}

That’s not all! The crafty etymological usage makes the song even more lyrically enchanting. It’s just so irresistible! That soft Caribbean accent makes one reminisces Lock City’s “Love me the same” feat Maroon 5. The free-flowing transitions in the song would tempt one to conclude it’s some Americana behind the Mic.

According to the artist, the song was just a recollection of his past crushes; it represents his experiences in his fantasy paradise.

“There’s nothing much behind it (the song). It’s was just E-Ril (the producer) and I sitting together one afternoon and we’re like, “Dude, let’s write some crazy song….the lyrics weren’t about anyone special; just my past crush experiences,” he clarifies.

Critically going through the song, many a pundit would not raise eye brows if they got hold of the news that it had 500 plays, 24 hours after it was dropped on Audio Mack, a musical sharing website. From then onwards, Melanie is becoming a song to beat, on various radio stations.

And talking of the overall production, good people! The arrangement and the voice balancing is just out of this world!!! Zach, aka ITSFRIDAY has taken the mantle on himself to carry trap soul to another level. There is an interlude at the end of the song where there are voices shouting “Melanie! Wow!” that’s gonna leave you breathless for a second; yearning for a replay.

Equally compelling is the overall organization and the tempo of the song; these have been maintained at desirable decibels that truly represent someone who’s deep in romantic superfluity.

Wine tastes better with age, so they say. ITSFRIDAY is just exactly that! Having lent his vocals to some of the most revered M-dubz heavyweights in the likes of Tsar-Leo (The other side), and also his contribution to Timveni’s Amplified Movement project (for the kids) where he brushed shoulders with the likes of Hazel Mak and Lawi, his maturity was but a matter of time.

Now, in 2017, he’s decided to go solo. He’s decided to prove to the M-Dubz fraternity that he’s on a mission. With assistance from his frequent collaborator, Eril, ITSFRIDAY, now, appears to be unleashed.

If this guy won’t reach the level of the Tsar Leo’s of this world in the next coming months, hey! Then Malawian urban music has a problem!

Take your time, humble yourself, listen to good music. Melanie, is a song to beat.

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