Amon Kaweche: Brains behind Uchizi Kaweche Hardware in Mzuzu



By Philes Davis.

Picture this. You are in Mzuzu City and you just got a rude awakening. There is no (Mzuzu) Shoprite Mall. There is no Reserve Bank Building. The National Bank of Malawi Building is not there. The modern day Hilltop low density area is not there; so too is the magnificent Area Four.

Between the Central Business District, and the current area harboring Northern Region Water Board’s Kawiruwiru House, the only visible physical structures are Katoto Secondary school, and Chapita Building (a building housing Malawi Institute of Journalism). In between, there is nothing but thick bushes that are home to ruthless criminals both in daylight and night time.

That was about 18 years ago. Mzuzu was but a city on paper. Literary, there was just a handful of notable structures that could really convince a first timer (to this ‘city’) that the evergreen metropolitan was worthy to be deemed a city.

Fast-forwarding to 2018, the news is totally different. Mzuzu city dwellers now do wear smiling faces as their town is now a city. A lot has changed. Minus other dimensions of development that have transformed this once neglected town, the construction industry is another aspect that has supersonically metamorphosed Mzuzu to a desirable dwelling place for many.

If there could be a history book about the city’s rapid transformation, then Uchizi Kaweche Hardware is going to be party to that. Situated down town the CBD, the hardware has not only been a darling to many, but has also practically contributed various building materials to notable structures within and outside the city.

Known for its affordable prices and durable materials, the shop has become the talk of the town in its few years of existence.

You talk of fasteners, building materials, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, chains, plumbing supplies, electric supplies, cleaning products, housewares, tools, utensils, and paint, Uchizi Kaweche Hardware has every dosage that your building may be needing.

Uchizi Kaweche hardware


Under the proprietorship of one of the revered youthful entrepreneurs in the city, Amon Kaweche, Uchizi Kaweche Hardware’s core business is making sure that Mzuzu wears a new and durable outlook. According to Kaweche, his shop’s major priority is satisfying the needs of the clients in developing the country’s infrastructural sector.

“We’re here to serve the needs of our clients. We’re always happy when we see durable buildings being dressed by Uchizi Kaweche Hardware. Directly, we’re also contributing a lot to the infrastructural development in the city and the country in general,” he enlightens.

Testifying to Kaweche’s proclamations, one of the congregants of Hilltop New Apostolic church, Ruth Ng’ambi says her prayer house is a living testimony of the durability of materials from Uchizi Kaweche hardware. Her church, constructed in 2016 was all dressed by Chisanga’s construction materials.

“Uchizi Kaweche Hardware is the real deal. Just look at our church!! Majestically it stands, all courtesy of this hardware. The good thing is that the materials are also affordable. They’re not that costly,” she testifies.

So, if you are in Mzuzu or its surrounding areas and want to be living happily ever-after, upon constructing your house, lodge and what have you, Uchizi Kaweche Hardware is the name; the home of durable and affordable building materials.

Uchizi Kaweche hardware

Uchizi Kaweche hardware



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