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By Walusungu Munthali

A political rally has once again challenged the entertainment industry as one of Jay Jay Cee’s supposedly biggest shows gets postponed following United Transformation Movement (UTM)’s rally happening on the same day, Saturday, the 4th of August 2018 in Mzuzu.

Initially, Jay Jay Cee via his RAJ Records had planned to host a Welcome to the World show at Mzuzu Lodge on the said date. But along the way, Vice President’s UTM party had also popped up on the scene, launching the party in the northern region at Mzuzu Upper stadium on the same date.

The sudden turn of events has now put Jay Jay Cee’s camp in a fix as he is now at a crossroads on whether to proceed with the show or not.

Further, Jay has expressed his disappointment towards the party’s rally organizers who did not do research about the events on the day before planning and fixing the date for their rally.

“As an artist, they have not respected us. They could have researched on what is happening in town before putting up something. We have spent money planning our show for a long time.” he said

Reports had indicated that the youngster had been approached (by unnamed political party) to turn the show political and make it free and open air for the same amount in damages for preparations for the show.

Asked on this, Jay Jay Cee was noncommittal on whether he would accept the deal or not but hinted on being approached.

“If we turned it political, it will mean we have really been convinced and the good part of it we is would have our expenses covered, and still have our show later. But my plan was to cancel it and postpone it anyway,” he said.

Welcome to the World show at Mzuzu Lodge

Following the reports about the show was going to turn political, EM was informed the party which had offered to ‘buy’ the show had gone into a meeting to discuss plans for the show, but later it has been revealed that there were high chances of cancelling the concert.

Meanwhile, there has not been an official statement about the cancellation of the show or plans to proceed by Jay Jay Cee or his management. EM will keep you updated.



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