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By Philes Davis.

Since time immemorial, it has always been said that the sky was the limit. However, to one Chikondi Kasambara, that statement carries no water. Reason, astronauts have always surpassed the skies and invade the outer space, you talk of the moon etc.

Enterprising Chikondi Kasambara is the definition of the statement, “I have no limits of what I can do.” She is the definition of an assertive young lady who stops at nothing from achieving her goals. A former media personality, Chikondi’s name is becoming popular courtesy of her classic antics in hosting various ceremonies, from such private gatherings as Bridal showers, to corporate functions, you name it, Chikondi handles them with finesse. She is a master class.

Unlike others in her industry, Chikondi never dreamed of becoming an MC; not in a million years. Fate, as they say, was to decide her destiny, earlier this year.

“it appeared my colleagues saw this talent in me. So, in April this year, one of my closest friends, Sellistana asked me to host her bridal shower event. It was a marvel for after the event, I started receiving phone calls seeking my services,” she recalls.

That was the genesis of her full throttle venturing into this lucrative career that has seen her stepping into various corners of Malawi, hosting various ceremonies.

Her courage into achieving her dreams could easily be seen when she ditched her job as media personnel to pursue studies in law at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor college.

According to her, there is a time when one has to quit whatever they are doing and pursue their dreams.

“You have to reach a point where, when you walk into certain places and look around…. you can confidently say I don’t belong here… there is greatness in me and this is not the place for me…” I don’t care if it’s a relationship, a night club, a restaurant, a mode of transport, a meeting, a WhatsApp or Facebook group and even a church…” she reveals.

According to her, an authentic human being needs not to force matters for fear of losing their credibility.

“There are some places that just can’t handle your greatness and staying there will limit you… there is nothing wrong with the place, but just that some places are too small to handle your greatness and if you force yourself, you end up staying small.” Says she.

Any coincidence that she switched professions from journalism to the legal industry?

Chikondi is an interesting female entertainer. Asked to choose between hosting corporate shows and bridal shows, Chikondi opts for the latter. Why?

“I love hosting bridal showers more than corporate events which are well paying because bridal showers are about women and I love interacting more with women and being able to learn a lot form them.” reveals she.

True to her words, Chikondi has always loved the idea of interacting with women. Her passion towards women could even be seen during her days at MIJ FM radio where she used to be hosting Amai Mwakonzanji, and also she was a regular contributor towards Every Woman Supplement in Nation on Sunday Newspaper.

Chikondi Kasambara (right) and her husband


Just like any other industry, Chikondi also does face some hiccups whilst in the line of duty.

According to her, the first challenge is striking a balance between making the event lively and making money.

“There’s always that conflict between bride and parents. Usually, the bride is inexperienced and would want to make the event more memorable whilst parents want to recover whatever they spent at their friend’s children bridal showers.” She pinpoints.

Being experienced as she is, Chikondi says she has to ensure that she pleases the bride who wants an extraordinary event and also parents who want their money to be recovered.

The soft-spoken Chikondi does not even mince words at some organizers who mistake bridal showers for fundraising campaigns. To her, a bridal shower, fundraising at such events dilutes the essence of bridal showers.

“I’m not that type of a person who believes in fundraisings at a shower. People should give willingly without emotional blackmailing. And the act of selling commodities at a bridal shower to people who don’t have money is such a burden to me; it’s a bridal shower not a trade fair, for god’s sake.” She advises.

Who she admires

Growing up, she always looks up to well-known personalities especially those who have made it in their disciplines. Her life philosophy is simple.

“ A life well lived is that which makes a difference in other’s people lives.” She says.

Favorite Quote

“Learn to say NO without explaining. There are things that one has to deny with reasons not making sense to others. Do what you have to do, make your decisions without explaining those that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue. What will other think syndrome must end.”

Words to aspiring MCs

To her, MCs need to up their game. Being very vocal does not make an event lively. According to Chikondi, real MCs should strive to make the function s lively and not just be noisy.

Obwera kudzafupa amadzafupa basi olo ukuwe olo ukuwe therefore don’t waste time calling for money, make the event lively and fun; the rest follows automatically.” She advises.

That aside, “corporate events call for high confidence levels, clean accent and maturity and reasonable sense of humor. You deal with serious business minds who want to make money and celebrate success while having fun; it calls for seriousness, “she says.

So, fellow Malawians, next time you are having an indoor or outdoor event and you are in need of a host, look no further, Chikondi Kasambara is the name.



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