Photographers’ Profile


ALBERT KEITH KAMANGA is a Malawian photographer, digital content creator, Artist manager, and creative director, from Lilongwe (area 18B). Born on 30th January, 1994, he is the first born in a family of three. He is the founder of “Zeeya Creations”. A media firm which deals in photography, videography, branding and artist management. A holder of first degree in Business ...

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Cine City Photography; Making Photography Business look so easy

Genre: Photography Company: Collins K Multimedia Country: Malawi City: Lilongwe John Robert (born on), known professionally by his label “Cine city” which him and his friend Slade Sambani aka Astrol coined in 2016, is a professional photographer based in Lilongwe. Born, on 30 August 1994 Robert is a…. born in a family of six; two brothers, and three sisters. He ...

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Danniel Wills Soko; The Jack of All Trades in media products

About The multi-talented Dan Wills Soko was born on 22 December 1990. He’s the fifth born in the family of six. Dan is a professional multimedia personnel with over six years of practical expertise in the areas of photography, videography, radio production, advertisement and branding. Having worked at Radio ABC, His wide expertise in radio production has enabled him develop ...

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