Wisdom Phanga


  • Guest: Wisdom Phanga
  • Firm: Five79 Promotions
  • Areas of expertise: Artist Manager, Event Manager, Products Promotions, Sound system hire and advertising trailers hire.
  • City of residence: Blantyre

Live concerts/events be it entertainment or corporate could be nothing if there’s no hand from Events Management firms. Indoor, and outdoor events could be so hectic if events management firms were not handy. This week, Langson Kalua Jnr talks to Wisdom Phanga, a popular name in the country’s events management sector to explain more of what his line of business is all about.

Q & A By Langson Kalua Junior

Brief academic journey

I did my junior primary school education at St Kizito here in     Malawi before I trekked to Botswana where I finished my primary school education all the way up to my junior secondary education.  I came back home and completed my secondary education before enrolling with The Malawi College of Accountancy. Then, I did Human Resource Management Under ABE at the Malawi Polytechnic Management Centre.

Events Management what is it all about?

It’s like you come to us, want to do an event but you just have an idea. We tell you a venue that suits your event, we give you performers, we let people know about the event, we promote it. We run it on the day.

What motivated you to venture into this industry?

I started as an artist Manager at Nde’feyo Entertainment way back in 2011. We could manage artists and do different events there. Then, I thought of establishing my firm which could tackle more than what we used to do there hence the introduction of the company, Five79 promotions.

Any challenges in your line of operations?

Well, there are challenges just like in every career, say you plan an event and people don’t know you can deliver and they just choose not to come because they have no trust in you. Or how to source funds to put things together and make sure people trust you on what you can deliver, so many challenges on the way to being an established promoter.

Does this career need one to have some academic background in them?

School helps in everything. Common understanding of things and decision making. It helps to remove fear and gives you self-confidence, so yeah, we can’t rule school out. Like in my case, no one in my family ever had a career like mine I started it all from a scratch without any inspiration from the family. At first, they had no clue on what I’d ventured into. With time, everything settled. So, in short, academic knowledge played a role into shaping my career path.

Locally Which events do you run or have you ever run before?

We run UMP Awards as well. I am also a partner in Moyo Beverages, a company that produces Moyo Natural Spring Water.

Under Five79Promotions promotions there is a lot we do, one of the things being event management. UMP hires us to manage their events on their behalf. Awards, festivals and the like. We partner. We also have a calendar of our events, eg the BLANTYRE SUMMER PARTY.

Currently which Artists are you managing?

I manage artists as a person not under Five79Promotions. Like Piksy. He is under my management.

In one word describe yourself relating to your career


Any advice to the youths?

One step at a time. Youths rush to get paid when they haven’t put in enough.  Be patient, passionate, consistent, focused… all will fall in the right place.

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  • Instagram: Wisfred_phanga



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