BUWA: The baby face of M-Dubz music


Profile By Langson Kalua Junior

His youthful face bares it all. His is a story of creativity, passion and talent.

Buwa is amongst the legion of up and coming artists In Malawi who are pushing theirselves beyond their limit so as to make a name in the country’s encyclopedia of urban music.

Recently, he attracted the attention of EM courtesy of his song, MASM, a joint with another budding duo, The Sharpies.

Having ventured into active music industry a couple of years ago, Buwa is convinced if he could be given ample time to perfect his skills, he can easily make a name nationally.

Currently, the youthful artist is pursuing undergraduate studies at Lake View University. Let’s take a look into the life of this promising talent.

Brief Bio

Birth name:  Chisomo Mazombwe

Origin and meaning of stage name, Buwa: It’s a middle name given by family way back.

Home Town: L – City

Date of Birth: 08 July 1998

Education Background: Studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Lake View

Origin of passion in music

I started doing music way back in 2017 due to peer pressure so to speak. I was admiring my friends when they were writing songs. This other day, the guts in me told me pushed me that that was the day and in no time, I wrote a song, “Ndimazitha”. That was the genesis of my journey now.  

First professional song? Siza ndalama

Best moments in musical life

The time my family officially accepted that there was some music veins in me when I had released a song, Ndiwe super; a dedication to my sis, Mary, on her wedding day.  

Best urban music producer worked with? MC Blown

Best international artist? Wizkid

Best local artist? Lulu

How can you relate Malawian music? Not yet there but on the right path


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