By Praise Bwanali

I have a deep interest in the young generation and I greatly desire to see them striving to being perfect citizens with desirable morals. I long to see them helping one another to reach the greatest of heights in their endeavors. This is why this week, I have resorted to focusing my energy on offering some tidbits for building acceptable traits for a better you.

The most obvious step to this eternal bliss is self-discovery.  Know yourself. Many are times the young generation is affected in its character because it doesn’t know theirselves and end up losing themselves to other’s people identities.  Know who you are and then the rest can easily follow.

Once you know yourself, it is very easy to set realistic goals in your life. Self-discovery means you are able to know your strengths and your weaknesses and you set goals that you can achieve depending on your capabilities.

Having goals in life also means that you cannot easily let other minute issues derail you from achieving your targets. You know what you want therefore, you are able to shed off all the trivia that may derail you from reaching your personal marks.

Above all, if you are really serious in ensuring that you become a somebody tomorrow, you should learn to appreciate the importance of time management. You plan what to do when. You do not let somebody steal your precious time for time lost is never ever regained.

In a nut shell, fellow Young generation, tomorrow begins today. What we shall be or want to be starts now. So let us make sure we create our better tomorrow by planting desirable seeds today. It is never too late to reconstruct our future.



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