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By Fiona Manda

Everyone of us, Yuong Generationers, has at some point felt so hopeless because of a situation that left us with all sorts of unanswered questions. Losing a job, a loved one, failing an exams…the list is endless. Some do even reach an extent of hating their-selves for the troubled waters they may be sailing through. 

Fellow Young Generationers, attitude is one of the major forces that drives us to the far ends of life. We go through a lot of ups and downs in our everyday livelihood. They’re unavoidable. Rather, some are unavoidable. So, what do we do to step out of these situations? How do we handle these hard times? Do we stay back and watch the hopes tumbling down and have self-pity?

Tell you what? It’s very important that we learn to build a positive attitude with our life. We can’t be complaining all day.

People have experienced the worst in their lives, but they’ve had that audacity to soldier on. It only takes one with a positive attitude to see the positivity out of a negativity. Attitude plays a very greater role in everything.

We’ve grown to feeling insecure about many things in life, be it failure, the past and what have yous. I’ve personally seen people who’ve had zero love and trust in themselves simply because they’ve accepted that they’re not important and no matter what they do, they won’t be appreciated by anyone they love. But so what? It doesn’t matter if that happens. If there’s no one to accept you for who you are, nor love you, you have one option; Love yourself.

It’s very crucial to live for yourself. Self-love is what’ll drive you to the edges and that’ll give you a fulfilled life. We can’t spend years trying to impress people or we would stay shattered because no matter how hard we try, how hard we love, some will never appreciate it; not a bit.

This is why it’s important that our mind should always roam around positivity. Being negative will always leave you in agony, regret and pain.

Equally important is that we should never live in a competitive life with anybody but ourselves. Let’s be ourselves and embrace what the world has to offer. Be content with your life. You can never be someone else, but you can be your true self in the best way possible. One thing that drives one to feel they are not good enough is the tendency of comparing themselves to others. At the end of the day, they feel let down.

The progress of other people doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, rather their success should always push you to the limits to be fruitful in your life. Always be confident with yourself. Know that you are worthy beyond a thousand reasons why. You have all the possibilities to be someone in life as long as you put your mind and heart to it, no matter the situation at hand.

So, as I’m winding up, fellow Young Generationers, know that in life always think, work and hope for the best. Build that positive thinking about yourself and your life and on every situation that comes with a blow to your life. Be positive as it has the possibility of bringing you up and sometimes down if carelessly handled.



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