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By Duncan Kaonga Jnr

It is now becoming a common phenomenon for up and coming urban musicians to be storming various airwaves and online media platforms with their singles. Day in day out, one radio programme will be debuting a single from some budding star somewhere. A day would hardly pass before your WhatsApp inbox is hit with a spate of waves announcing the releasing of some single from some new comer on the music podium.

Up and coming urban musicians releasing singles, is no longer newsworthy.  

What is newsworthy however, is the selected few of such budding lyricists to release albums, Extended Plays…Mixtapes or any of those related compilations.

That is also the case with 21-year-old Blantyre-based Akuzike Chang’ono who trades in the music circles as “Am the Khuz”. His is different as he has defied the odds of being the budding start by releasing his debut album, “Matters first”.  

According to the youngster, the 16- song album has a variety of message to reach out to various audiences regardless of their backgrounds.

“It’s having various messages tackling various social issues currently rocking Malawi. In short, it is music for the masses,” he reveals.

As to why he went full-throttle releasing an album, “Am The Khuz” said he wanted the people to appreciate what his music is all about at once without leaving the audience guessing what he is made of.

“I felt like people will get my message faster because it’s hard for the audience to understand what your music is all about if you just release singles as an artist most especially for the up and coming artist,” said The Khuz

The artist revealed that he has been working on the project for a year and a half.

“Matters first” album has seen the singer working 6 producers namely; Gusto, F Kay Beats, K Mbizo, Ken Matek, Dynamo (Fresh D) and 3D.

Signed under Lusu Manda Enterprises (LME), Am The Khuz has ganged up with 7 other blossoming artists to spread the message in his album.

Brief background and vision

“Am The Khuz”, a third-year student at PACT college ventured into the industry as early as 2012 and believes he can transform lives through his music.

“It all started in 2012 after seeing my cousin (Eko star) who was doing music at a tender age which got me crushing on the art and the rest is history,

Meanwhile, the artist is optimistic that people who will have a chance to sample his work will not be disappointed.

“I bet my music is going to change many who are gonna sample it. I have hope it’s gonna have some positive impact on the lives of people from all walks of life,” he said.

Am The Khuz’ Social media handles

  • Facebook: @Am The kHuZ
  • IG: @am_the _khuz



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