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Bringing bread home via oration


By Franco Mwachande Jnr

We all have some events in life, events we cherish with all our hearts. You talk of wedding ceremonies, birthdays, send-offs and what have you. Some of these ceremonies come but once in our lives. As such, we normally ‘do the needful’ when the occasion arises.  

By Malawian standards, delicous foodstuffs, the camaraderie, and the photoshoots are some of the main headliners when it comes to memorable events. However, these can be incomplete without the crafty oration courtesy of the MCEES; Master/ mistresses of ceremonies.

The creativity, masters of ceremony bring to such events, make the proceedings colorful.  Just recall some of the flamboyant wedding celebrations you have ever attended. What made them unique? Was it the dressing of the bridal party? Was it the scintillating songs from the DJ? What was it specifically? Ever asked yourself who had made these (events) look so orderly?

Masters of ceremonies.

Up north, the centre, and down south, there is a battalion of masters and mistresses of ceremonies. These are noble men and women who guide the whole proceedings of our various life ceremonies (when invited) by making them spicy.

Like any other ‘career’ there are professionals, and then there are others.

Lilongwe is one of the hubs where a multitude of MCees reside. Out of the many artistic MCees there, there is one Ignatious Kaphinde who is the darling to many courtesy of his moving oration. Kaphinde is the master in his own world. His masterly of the art has made him a common face in most ceremonies requiring his services.

Kaphinde is one of those professional MCees who knows when to say what. Using his background of acting and film making, the multi-talented MC ensures he leaves everybody yearn for more of his services.

“I enjoy bringing fun and entertainment to people.” He reveals.

Hosting close to 50 corporate and social events in a single year (2019) is a testimony of the popularity of this gifted public speaker.

The genesis

Kaphinde’s journey began when he met his friend, Mike Luhanga who used to be a household name in MCeeing in Lilongwe and surrounding areas around 2005.

Prior to that, he had always been fascinated with this field. He was, however, lacking an opening. So, Meeting Mike, according to Kaphinde was a dream coming to reality.

“Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated in events like weddings and most of times I used to attend such events at Chipasula Community Day Secondary School hall in Lilongwe.  And then, Luhanga used to take me in such events where he used to be MCeeing, I used to extract one or two things out of his creativity. I really learnt a lot from him.” He praised.

He adds: “So there was this other day, he asked me to host wedding ceremony at Chipasula school ground, upon looking at the crowd that was there my heart melted, it was not a simple task but by God’s grace it was like a dream after I managed to make everyone happy and at the end of the event, a lot of people took my contact details that I should also host their events, the rest is history!”

Two months from this event, Kaphinde, was to start calling the shots.

Today and the future

With over a decade of rich experience in the game, Kaphinde says his, has been an interesting journey full of surprises.  

“It’s been an interesting journey where I find myself being invited to various big corporate events with public figures present. This brings me joy seeing my clients happy and satisfied with my services.

It is very funny, according to him, that he never knew he could end up earning a living out of his moving public speaking skills.

“It’s always been my dream to pursue Law or Mass Communication. But now, through my powerful oration, I’m able to feed my family, and I’m not regretting,” he said.

Since his professional venture in 2008, Kaphinde says the future looks bright as he wants his name to reach all corners of the country.

His secret

Every successful business enterprise requires some cornerstones if it is to survive the industry. Emceeing is no exception. According to Kaphinde, his brand is one of the most sought-after labels because of the trust and creativity he possesses.

“It’s all about the uniqueness and trust that your consumers have on you. Make sure you deliver beyond their expectations and then you’re good to go. The consumers have to see something extra-ordinary from your services,” revealed he.


Kuphwekesana is rife in this industry. According to Kaphinde, it is so disheartening interacting with clients who like downplaying the vital role MCees play in the various events they are hired for.

“Every product or service has a price tag. However, it’s puts us off seeing a client being reluctant to pay us our dues for a service already offered. That’s so unprofessional!” worried Kaphinde.

Advise to youths

Gone are the days when a Malawian youth shall be forsaking the power of their talents. According to him, the youths need to nurture their talents so they can earn something by the end of the day.

“Some people think that being Master of Ceremony is not profitable but the opposite is true. Any business if handled well can transform one’s life like in my case. Even if I can retire today, I Know I will have a steady income. There’s money in turning your talents into something profitable,” he said.

The 31-year-old Kaphinde holds a Diploma in ICT as well as advanced Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management. Apart from MCeeing, he is also a photographer, actor, film maker, writer, and videographer.



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