Bfb’s’ Kapolo Reveals A Common Macho Problem in Africa; Ego


By Lonjezo Idrissa

  • Men are by their nature, egoistic. – (Unknown)

The song, Kapolo, from M-Dubz high grade export, BFB, which features Fredokiss and South Africa’s Fifi Cooper, laughs at the agonies most males sail through courtesy of their untamed egos.

Kapolo, literary, a slave, demonstrates how some men are slaves of their own actions due to their myopic decision-making skills.

The song argues that most of the social problems developing countries are facing, are self-inflicted. It contends that lack of vision in most of the male folk ignites them to get exhilarated with short-term gratification, which often times, leads them to disastrous destinies.

The hook, by BFB highlights this.

‘Kapolo wachabe, watenga loan ku bank kukabola ku nyanja“.

BFB is perplexed with some thinking capacities of some dudes who could forgo their burdened lifestyles and get bank loans only to be used for luxurious lifestyles. In the end, over-burdening their already over-burdened families.

Concurring with BFB, Fredokiss further highlights some of the social acts that makes or will Malawians slaves forever through the lines;

Kapolo ngongole tingosaina,

Mafana m’makwalala tikukanika kushaina,

Kapolo fans ku hospa wangolayina,

Kapolo washophesa khini tangothaima”.

In these lines, the Ghetto King Kong claims most of social problems Malawi is facing are courtesy of greedy office bearers who are plundering public resources at the expense of the poor populous.  

BFB further says is heartened seeing married men living delinquent lifestyles yet their families are on economic death beds.

Fifi Cooper took her share by biting various African governments for enslaving the governed. She claims most public officials in Africa are enslaving their subjects, making them live pathetic lives whilst they (the rulers) are living Hollywood lifestyles.

Kapolo, in short, is reminding the general populous of the slavery they have inflicted upon themselves.

“Emancipate yourselves from the slavery you are inflicting upon yourself and your surroundings.” So argues the song.



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